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Here's what the nation thinks

With over 392,932 customers answering questions on ATMs, we’re getting a better idea of what Australians really think about the challenges we face.

NT: 60% QLD: 51% NSW: 50% VIC: 47% TAS: 47% SA: 51% WA: 52%

Geographical sentiment

Over half of respondents in most states and the Northern Territory indicated they are optimistic about the future of Australian Business.

18-24: 44% 25-29: 41% 30-34: 44% 35-39: 49% 40-44: 51% 45-49: 54% 50-54: 56% 55-59: 58% 60-64: 60% 65+ 65%

Positive sentiment by age

The younger demographics are the least optimistic about our businesses being ready to face the future. In a similar trend to the property question, the level of optimism increases with age.

Source: CommBank ATM Survey 2017. Results as at 3rd July 2017.

Are our businesses ready to face the future?

Visitors to this website answered:

No 67%, yes 33%

21 Day Change Challenge

Too busy to innovate?

For businesses of today, change is a constant. The ability to think and act innovatively is essential. But where do you find the time when you’re already working long hours? The 21-Day Change Challenge can help.

Designed for businesses of all sizes and any industry, this program can help you embrace change. The challenge will guide you through the design thinking process to reach your goals.

Get started

Download the Challenge

Download the challenge

Take an hour or two each week to discover ways to work out where your business can innovate. We’ll give you the tools and inspiration to follow design thinking processes and master the art of innovation.

Your weekly challenges

Here’s a brief guide about what you’ll cover each week. At the end of the challenge you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Start by setting a business goal that inspires your team and sets out what you want for the future.

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Next up, focus on your customers. Identify what they want and focus on gaining key insights.

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It’s time to get creative. Think big with your ideas and then prioritise the opportunities, so you’re on your way to success.

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Things you should know

Aggregated results will be used in our marketing but individual answers will not be used for direct sales purposes. Responses will be de-identified and used for research purposes only. ATM data based on 392,932 customer responses from ATMs between 26th February 2017 and 3rd July 2017. Website data based on 2,377 responses from visitor polling on between 26th February and 25th July 2017.