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Here's what the nation thinks

With over 60,000 customers answering questions on ATMs, we’re getting a better idea of what Australians really think about the challenges we face.

50% of men, 53% of women are optimistic about education

Gender sentiment

This question initially saw a pronounced difference in opinion between men and women, with women being more optimistic about our children’s education, however this gap has reduced over time.

Age spectrum

Age spectrum

We are starting to see a variation of opinion by age when it comes to equipping our kids for the future. The younger appear to be the least optimistic about this question.

Source: CommBank ATM Survey 2017. Results as at 17th May 2017.

Do our kids have the skills they need for tomorrow?

Visitors to this website answered:

No 70%, yes 30%

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The big issue for school students (having been a long time high school teacher) is the lack of 'real life' education about financial planning and understanding about business. It partly stems from the fact that almost zero teachers have any real life expertise or understanding of how to run a business themselves. They simply have never done it. Banks and business sector folk would contribute. - LinkedIn

Innovating for our customers

At CommBank, we’ve got a long history of responding to the needs of both our customers and the community at large. That’s why you can be confident that the answers you give will lead to real solutions. Solutions just like these: 

Preparing our kids for tomorrow

Research tells us that 10% of young Australians had difficulties understanding the concept of finance and the benefits of saving, so we created Start Smart – a financial education program that’s educated over 2 million young Australians on money matters. In 2017, we expanded the programme into virtual reality, making it accessible to even more children.  

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Creating new paths to property

We understand that buying property can be a challenge in today’s market, so we created an app that lets you access our property market estimates and home buying calculators to help you find a property you can afford for your lifestyle. 

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Supporting business innovation

From farming to pharmaceuticals, we partner with a variety of Australian businesses to face change together. As well as developing the latest banking technology solutions, we also offer co-creation in our Innovation Lab and actionable insights to help businesses move forward.

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Inclusive culture

Building an inclusive culture

A respectful society is one that embraces everyone. We have a role to play in addressing this in our organisation, with our customers and in the communities where we operate.

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Planning for retirement

With improved life expectancy, only 53% of Australian households are expected to have enough to last them through a longer retirement  (CommBank Retire Ready Index, Feb 2017). As Australia’s largest financial institution, we provide quality advice to an ever increasing number of Australians.

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Preparing Australia for the future

Preparing us for the future

We use our resources to develop solutions for our government, corporate and not-for-profit clients, and explore innovative financing models to help secure and enhance Australia’s future. 

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Things you should know

Aggregated results will be used in our marketing but individual answers will not be used for direct sales purposes. Responses will be de-identified and used for research purposes only. ATM data based on 94,706 customer responses from ATMs between 26th February 2017 and 17th May 2017. Website data based on 2,325 responses from visitor polling on between 26th February and 17th May 2017.