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Here's what the nation thinks

With over 90,000 customers answering questions on ATMs, we’re getting a better idea of what Australians really think about the challenges we face.

50% of men, 53% of women are optimistic about education

Gender sentiment

This question initially saw a pronounced difference in opinion between men and women, with women being more optimistic about our children’s education, however this gap has reduced over time.

Age spectrum

Age spectrum

We are starting to see a variation of opinion by age when it comes to equipping our kids for the future. The younger appear to be the least optimistic about this question.

Source: CommBank ATM Survey 2017. Results as at 3rd July 2017.

Do our kids have the skills they need for tomorrow?

Visitors to this website answered:

No 70%, yes 30%

CommBank Youth app: teaching real-life money skills to under 14s

Day-to-day banking

Day-to-day banking

Develop money management skills. See account balance at a glance. Transfer pocket money from Smart Access Account for Youth to Youthsaver account. And back again. 

Grow money skills

Grow money skills

Learn to save by setting goals. Understand the value of money - creating chores/jobs, keeping track of every dollar earned and making sensible spending decisions.

Secure, digital experience

Secure, digital experience

Fun, secure way to teach your child money management, with the reassurance of parental account controls. Your child can only transfer money between their own accounts in the CommBank Youth app.

Start Smart: a program for students at all ages of education

Start Smart Primary

The Start Smart Primary workshops address topics including understanding between needs and wants, identifying currency, how to shop, different ways of earning an income and saving money to achieve personal financial goals.

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Start Smart Secondary

The Start Smart Secondary program offers a suite of workshops developed for students in Years 7 -11. Each workshop focuses on a different topic in depth and explores financial concepts such as understanding the impact of financial choices, getting your first job and managing your mobile phone as well as basic investment principles, savings goals and budgeting.

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Start Smart Pathways

The Start Smart Pathways workshops for Vocational Education students include understanding different types of debt, strategies for keeping track of your money and developing employability skills.

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Things you should know

Aggregated results will be used in our marketing but individual answers will not be used for direct sales purposes. Responses will be de-identified and used for research purposes only. ATM data based on 94,706 customer responses from ATMs between 26th February 2017 and 3rd July 2017. Website data based on 2,393 responses from visitor polling on between 26th February and July 25th 2017.