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Operations Support Officer

James Manoe

Before joining the Bank James had no real experience working in customer service roles. However, he says that the level of service provided by the Commonwealth Bank far exceeds that of any other organisation he has worked at.

James joined the Bank as a General Service agent within the Direct Banking division. From here, he moved to the Personal Loan Sales team, before transferring into his current role as Operations Support Officer.

You could say that James is somewhat of a ‘go-to guy’ for employees within the Direct Banking division. He provides support to the leaders and managers of the division to ensure they have the tools and assistance they need to run their businesses. This includes everything from complex admin to IT support, and even organising taxis. On a day-to-day basis, you could find James running general ledger reports, monitoring referrals, placing orders, inputting and extracting company data, assisting with telephony or PC issues, or managing property repair requests.

James says that if he could sum up the culture of Retail Banking in one word, it would be ‘engaging’.

He says he loves ‘the everyday interaction with my customers’ and has built a strong relationship with them over time. ‘The work environment is fun, but at the same time, the work ethic is bar none’, he adds.

To succeed in his role, James says a person would need sound relationship and time-management skills. He says the person would need ‘to be able to work in a fast-paced environment and be able to meet deadlines’ and would also need to be able to ‘provide exceptional customer service with every interaction’.

Over the last few years, James says he has found the Bank to be very helpful in terms of his personal career growth and support.  ‘There are a great range of benefits available to employees of the Commonwealth Bank – and several career opportunities’, he says.

If he had to describe his job in three words, James says they would be ‘accountability, support and proactive’.


1. Would you recommend your job to your friends – and if so, why?

Definitely. My job is challenging but rewarding at the same time. I work with a great bunch of people and every day I can go home knowing I have made a difference and helped my site achieve its short and long term goals.

2. Do you feel that, as your employer, Commonwealth Bank is committed to helping you learn more and grow your skills? How so?

Yes. The Commonwealth Bank has exposed me to different roles and has also given me the opportunity to attend courses which have helped me develop my skills within my current role.

3. What’s the best moment you’ve ever had while working at Commonwealth Bank, and what made it so great?

The most recent moment would be two site-based events I organised and coordinated on behalf of Direct Banking Sydney. Both events ran smoothly and without incident. The feedback received was fantastic.

4. How important to you is the team of people you work with?

Very important. With over 400 people working within Direct Banking Sydney it is essential that everyone in my team works as ‘one’.

About the role

An Operations Support Officer (OSO) is responsible for the daily input, extraction and compilation of data that is generated by the Bank’s Contact Centres. This person is also responsible for the smooth flow of documentation in and out of the contact centre - and for undertaking various periodical audits and quality checks as delegated by the Site Support Manager.

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