Debbie, Executive Manager, Personal Lending, shares her experience of being supported to work flexibly at CommBank.

Maree Larkings, Head of Customer Assist, Collections & Credit Solutions, talks about her vision to inspire others with a disability and how a flexible approach has helped her continue to succeed at CommBank.

Accommodating Anushelin

The people in CommBank are accommodating, understanding and flexible

A few months ago Anushelin was in a completely different country, company and role. Now he’s Senior Mobile Product Owner at CommBank in Sydney.

“It’s been a fast, exciting journey and I’m very happy to be here, though it wasn’t without stress. Fortunately CommBank provided me with lots of assistance and guidance along the way. I was coming from South Africa and at one point the visa process was delayed. I was due to start in Sydney shortly, so I had a chat with my new manager and the Global Mobility Team and they were very accommodating and understanding, giving me the flexibility to delay my start date. They were also aware that I’d still need some time to familiarise myself with Sydney, so even though I was delayed, rather than having to start straight away I still had a week to settle in. Then when I got to Sydney I found I still had a lot of things to wrap up, so I needed a few extra days, but once again it was an easy chat with my manager and that was arranged." 

CommBank has an open and flexible culture

“Was I surprised about people going out of their way to help? Honestly, not really. In banking circles internationally CommBank has an excellent reputation, and from speaking to a lot of people I was aware that the culture is very open and flexible. I was aware that it’s an organisation that promotes a great work-life balance and I was lucky enough to experience it even before I’d started.”

Anushelin Chetty, Senior Mobile Product Owner

Anushelin Chetty
Senior Mobile Product Owner, Digital Channels, Retail Banking Services