Applications for our 2021 Graduate Program will open at 12:01am AEST 1 March 2021 and close at 11:55pm AEST on 22 March 2021. For all successful candidates the program will commence in early February 2021. Applications for our 2021/22 Summer Intern Program will open in early July.

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With over 16 business areas to choose from, CommBank offers a vibrant, innovative environment to start your career. Get to know some of our unlikely matches below and discover what life is like as a CommBank graduate. 


I am a performance studies major building a career in digital. 

I’m from a small country town, and I thought I might end up working in the theatre industry, but I’m pretty open minded. Anyone who knew me 5 years ago would probably laugh if they heard I now work for a bank. But I’ve never felt too out of my depth. My development plan included learning more about analytics and now I am really enjoying growing in my ability to work with and analyse data.


I am a software engineer developing the key to the cloud.

Working in an Agile environment, I’m able to push the boundaries of the norms and help with advancing CommBank technologically to serve our people better. I didn’t think my engineering degree would lead me to working at a bank, but I’m so glad it did because I get to work on the cutting edge of technology every day!


I am a social research, policy and art theory graduate bringing customers closer to a solution.

I’ve always been very open minded and didn't see myself in any particular role. But if someone asked me a year ago where I would be, it certainly wouldn’t be a bank! I used to think I was an unlikely match but the more I have had conversations with people around me, I have come to realise that diversity is key to the success of the business. I believe it is so valuable to have different ways of thinking when dealing with our customers because they too are diverse! 


I am an electrical engineering graduate building the future with machine learning.

Most of the time it feels like I’m working in a fully-fledged technology company rather than a financial institution. You get the freedom to explore, experiment and be inventive. I have been able to apply machine learning on actual customer data and witness how the results are used in the business. It is very exciting to see theoretical knowledge being applied to deliver tangible results that get used across the bank! 


I am an optometrist delivering the best outcomes for our institutional banking clients.

I always wanted to work with and help people, to be challenged and to be constantly learning. Getting a role in the grad program has allowed me to achieve these goals and more! Replace “patient” with “client” and this is not so different to where I thought I would be studying optometry. Now I deal more with spreadsheets rather than spectacles and have gone from interpreting retinal scans to analysing portfolio data!


I am an arts graduate delivering IT solutions

Coming from an Arts background, I was surprised how easily my skills transferred to the grad program. I work in the Enterprise Services (technology) team at CommBank. I’ve had the opportunity to throw creative ideas on the table but also challenge myself and learn new things, fast. 


I am an expert in Asia-Pacific studies uncovering insights that shape Australia’s housing market

I’ve always had a passion for Asian culture. It’s what I focused my studies on. Having spent so much time overseas trying new things, when it came to looking for a job, I really wanted a role which would let me experience new things as well. I’d never really considered the impact that global markets can have on our local industry, and once my eyes were opened to this, the thought of working in financial services never slipped away.


I am a chemical engineer helping businesses reach their dreams

I never thought I’d start my career in a grad program, especially at a bank, but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. STEM students actually have a skillset that can be applied to a variety of unlikely industries that may not have seemed obvious at first.



I am an aerospace engineer analysing ASX200 companies  

My plan was always for my degree to take me into an engineering firm or the aerospace industry. I guess I landed here by accident. My current role combines financial analysis and stakeholder management. Each month I am allocated different clients from the ASX200, so there’s always something new to learn.



I am an accounting and HR major securing our digital platforms

It’s amazing how quickly plans can change. I had always imagined myself working at a large auditing firm, but now I’m into my second rotation of my 18-month grad program, the first stop was the Digital Protection Group. It feels great knowing that I can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to any team from my unique study background.

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