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2011 Recipients

Congratulations to the following organisations that were successful in their application for a Community Grant in 2011:




4 Life Care and Training - $10,000.00

4 Life Care and Training helps to relieve the cycle of poverty by assisting low income families and those with a disabled family member. 4 Life Care and Training provides nutritional food parcels to families, in addition to training families on financial planning, menu preparation and storage of their meals.

This Community Grant will be used to fund the Living Skills Workshop, which will teach those in need about nutrition, hygiene and proper food preparation to positively affect the health and wellbeing of children and families.


Australian League of Immigration Volunteers - $10,000.00

Australian League of Immigration Volunteers (ALIV) provides support programs to asylum seekers, both children and their families, living in the community and immigration detention centres. ALIV provides programs including family excursions, camps, youth and buddy days.

This Community Grant will be used to fund Children's Recreation Programs, which provide recreational and educational opportunities to asylum seeker youth. The program aims to relieve stress, support child development, and facilitate integration into the Australian Community.


Arthritis Foundation of NSW - $10,000.00

Arthritis Foundation of NSW provides services, education and information for people living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Each year Arthritis NSW provides Camp Footloose for children with juvenile arthritis.

This Community Grant will fund Camp Footloose for 45 children aged 8 -18 years from different support groups around Australia. Camp Footloose is run by Arthritis NSW staff and volunteers, and gives children the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities at their own pace, depending on their level of condition.


Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association - $3,750.00

Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association (AAHYA) supports Afghan refugee children, and youth in the Auburn area with welfare and settlement services. The AAHYA works with young people, teaching them Australian and Afghan language and culture, providing after-school homework assistance, and organising recreational activities. The organisation also provides financial help to newly arrived refugees, and works with Afghan women to reduce social isolation and teach new skills, such as driving.

This Community Grant will enable the AAHYA to run a 5-day swimming school for newly arrived refugee children, as many of them come from land-locked nations, and have never learned to swim. The program aims to make these children feel that they can participate in the sea culture which is an important part of an Australian lifestyle.


Autism Spectrum Australia - Western Sydney School - $9,656.00

Aspect Western Sydney School provides specialised, evidence-based programs for children aged 4 -16 who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder and require an autism specific program. Each Aspect school operates small satellite classes in mainstream school settings, and include a teacher and teacher's aide in recognition of special needs students.

This Community Grant will go towards installing Interactive Whiteboards in two of the classrooms, designed to increase student engagement by teaching them in a fun, interactive way and catering to the visual learning style of the students.


Bawrunga Aboriginal Medical Service -  $2,782.00

Bawrunga Aboriginal Medical Service provides healthcare to both Indigenous and non-indigenous communities. As part of the General Practice service, a nurse carries out health checks at local schools and notifies parents if treatment is required.

This Community Grant will go towards the Healthy Kids Checks program for children aged 3 - 20 years, which involves skin checks, eye examinations, asthma, blood pressure and nutrition level checks. Following the health check, the information is delivered to the parents.


CareWays Community - $8,500.00

CareWays provides community services to disadvantaged and marginalised people in the Illawarra. CareWays Community Hubs work to provide locally based resources that connect people to information and services that promote community capacity building, increased resilience and improved safety in the community.

This Community Grant will fund the Skil4lyf program, which aims to change the behaviour of young offenders, by building their life skills to maximise employability within their community. Workshops are held over three months to identify participants' strengths and weaknesses, allowing young people to positively participate in their community.


Catherine Sullivan Centre - $9,500.00

The Catherine Sullivan Centre is a not-for-profit centre providing an early intervention service for children aged 0-6 years with a hearing impairment. The Centre works with children and their parents to encourage the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants so that they are given the opportunity to acquire and develop enough language skills to enter mainstream education by six years of age.

This Community Grant will allow the Catherine Sullian Centre to obtain the services of a qualified Speech Pathologist as part of the Speech Pathology for Young Children with Hearing Impairment program. This allows children to be tested in speech and language, as well as receive a written report for their parents, so that they can provide the best possible outcomes for their child.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance -$9,600.00

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides services to 4,000 people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities every year. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance conducts research to work toward the prevention and cure of cerebral palsy for future generations, whilst supporting those living with the disability and their families.

This Community Grant will fund Level The Playing Field program to assist with sports development for young people. In conjunction with Cerebral Palsy Sports and Recreation Association, the program will open up key sports opportunities to young people with cerebral palsy, building confidence with skills.


Community Action Services Australia - $9,600.00

Community Action Services Australia is a not-for-profit association striving to serve everyone in the Community. The organisation provides a number of services including; support groups, training workshops and courses, community care, free casework, financial and legal services to disadvantaged groups and general support to individuals and families.

This Community Grant will help establish The Homework Club for children aged 6 -12. The program will provide support to school aged children from disadvantaged backgrounds, by assisting with their homework.


Community Life Batemans Bay - $10,000.00

Community Life Batemans Bay is a not-for-profit organisation which provides programs to support areas of need in the wider community.

This Community Grant will provide funds for the Aboriginal Youth Mentoring Program to help young Aboriginal kids aged 13 -19 sustain their schooling and complete year 12. The program aims to help Aboriginal kids proceed to tertiary studies, gain professional skills, and return to their communities to help guide the next generation. The program will involve 15 young Aboriginal people identified as future leaders, and 5 Aboriginal mentors employed to support the adolescents in the program.


Dunlea Centre - Australia's Original Boys Town - $8,200.00

Boys Town Engadine is a family preservation centre for boys and girls aged 12-16  who are at risk of losing the chance of a successful education. Many students have deteriorating family circumstances, or a mental condition that allows them to use the facility as a school, out of home care residence and counselling service.

This Community Grant will fund the Dunlea Masterchef Program to provide kitchen equipment and utensils to teach food technology in the newly refurbished school kitchens.


Frontline Community Services - $6,904.00

Frontline Community Services exists to help break cycles of disadvantage; by delivering quality services to the poor and at-risk young girls and women in the Mid Western Region of NSW.

This Community Grant will help Frontline expand their ShineGirl program to other regions. The program encourages girls to celebrate their uniqueness and boost their confidence through skills such as grooming, decision-making, boundaries, relationships and health and social etiquette.


Gunawirra Limited - $10,000.00

Gunawirra is a not-for-profit membership based organisation made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals in health and education industries, who work to care for Aboriginal families and their children aged 0-5.

This Community Grant will fund a project to make an informative DVD about being pregnant, using the stories of young pregnant Aboriginal women from the RPA and streets of Redfern. The pregnancy DVD will be distributed to every maternity hospital in NSW.


Life Changing Experiences Foundation - $10,000.00

The Life Changing Experiences Foundation supports disadvantaged youth to overcome adversity through the provision of food, shelter, counselling and medical assistance.

This Community Grant will go toward the SISTER2sister Program - a 12 month mentoring and personal development program aiding teenage girls who are suffering due to circumstances out of their control. The program sees each girl (Little Sister) matched with a successful woman from the community as a mentor, and to act as a Big Sister and role model. The program starts with a four day Butterfly Bootcamp and is followed by monthly workshops.


Lucca Leadership Australia - $9,872.00

Lucca Leadership Australia facilitates leadership programs for young people (aged 16-30) that enable them to harness their innate leadership potential, discover their passion and live their vision.

This Community Grant will assist in facilitating the Leadership In Action program for 48 students in Parramatta and Redfern to help them gain a greater sense of wellbeing through workshops and leadership talks.


Medley Community - $5,755.00

Medley Community provides medium term accommodation for homeless youth aged 14-18; providing educational support, life skills programs and professional tuition.

This Community Grant will enable the Life Skills and Transitional Support Program to provide comprehensive life skills, to reduce the risk of homeless youth returning to the streets. 


Nutrition Plus Incorporated - $6,090.00

Nutrition Plus encourages schools to engage Indigenous and other low socio-economic students, their families and communities in the pursuit of good health.

This Community Grant will fund The Nutrition Plus Community Gardens Strategy at the Walungurra (Kintore) School in the Northern Territory. The program aims to improve the nutritional outcomes for 70 Indigenous children aged 3-12 by engaging all those involved in the school to install and maintain a community permaculture garden which will grow produce for harvesting and cooking.


SDN Child and Family Services - $10,000.00

SDN Child and Family Services is a not-for-profit organisation that puts children first, championing their rights and providing access to affordable care and education.

This Community Grant will fund SDN Beranga – a demonstration, autism-specific community resource library that integrates early childhood intervention and mainstream early childhood education. This centre specifically reaches out to Aboriginal families with a child who has autism spectrum disorder, to provide specific information and materials on autism spectrum disorders. 


Softacare - $10,000.00

Softacare delivers creative arts programs and outdoor adventure programs for children in foster and kinship care.

This Community Grant will help deliver five Xpress events in NSW and QLD over the next 12 months. At each Xpress event there are several workshops, which small groups of children will rotate through to learn various dance styles and musical instruments.


Special Olympics Australia - $10,000.00

Special Olympics Australia is a volunteer organisation that provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with an intellectual disability.

This Community Grant will help to further develop Community Sports-Link. Sports-Link is a national initiative for children with an intellectual disability to get involved in sport, learning new skills, getting healthy, having fun, gaining confidence and making friends in a supportive environment.


St Gabriels School for hearing impaired children - $10,000.00

St Gabriels is an independent primary special school that caters for children with a hearing impairment, intellectual disability and/or autism.

This Community Grant will go towards the Give A Child A Voice program – an innovative project designed around recent research into therapy for non-verbal children. The project will create an individualised communication and therapy program tailored around each pupil.


St Laurence House - $8,420.00

St Laurence House has been providing care, support and accommodation for homeless young people aged 13-18 in Sydney since 1978.

This Community Grant will fund the St Laurence House Youth Outreach Program, where people aged 13-18 take part in activities and workshops to provide the opportunity to learn  living and social skills.


St Lucy's School  - $7,800.00

St Lucy's School provides specialist therapy and teaching for 140 children aged 5-12 who have disabilities that include autism, language impairment, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders and acquired brain injury.

This Community Grant will enable the school to fund the training of 40 volunteers to assist in the development of students' social skills and creating individual programs for participating children.


Stewart House - $9,888.00

Stewart House is a facility that cares for 1,800 public school children annually, who are in need of medical care, counselling, or a break from their situation and environment.

This Community Grant will help to fund children to attend a break at Stewart House where they will receive care for a specific purpose, and attend health and education programs.


Sudden Infant Death Association of New South Wales - $10,000.00

SIDS and Kids NSW provides bereavement support services to family members, friends, colleagues and emergency services to personnel bereaved by the death of a baby or child during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood (up to 6 years).

This Community Grant will help establish the Teen's Group, which is a program intended to provide specialist bereavement support for teenagers to assist them in coping with the death of their sibling. This program will have workbooks and other interactive resources which can be used by the trained bereavement counsellors to work with these young people.


Sutherland Early Support at Shire Community Service - $10,000.00

Sutherland Early Support Service provides targeted support to mothers with identified vulnerabilities in the antenatal and postnatal period who live in the Sutherland Shire.

This Community Grant will fund a project called Beyond Baby Blues, which focuses on mothers suffering from post natal depression and high levels of anxiety. It includes a free weekly home visit from an experienced volunteer, which can have a positive impact on mothers with depression.


Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation - $8,800.00

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation is the principal fundraising body for Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, which provides financial assistance for equipment, research, clinical services and vital programs at Sydney's Children Hospital.

This Community Grant will help fund Camp Go Ahead, which provides a service to children aged 10-16 with an acquired brain injury. The camp addresses the developmental issues associated with acquired brain injury with a program devised specifically for children over a three-day period.


Sydney Local Health District: Community Health Services - $10,000.00

Sydney Local Health District Community Health Services established YHUNGER in collaboration with Foundations. The two organisations work together to combat youth homelessness and hunger.

This Community Grant will be used to design the second edition of the Youth Hunger (YHUNGER#2) kit, a life skills training resource to increase food access and physical activity opportunities for young people who are experiencing a risk of homelessness.


Sydney Maritime Museum - $7,880.00

Sydney Heritage Fleet is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run arm of the Sydney Maritime Museum that restores old ships and boats of significant maritime heritage value, and holds sail training courses for at risk youth.

This Community Grant will help make The Pyrmont Youth Maritime Project possible. The project is an initiative involving teaching young community members to sail, and how to be part of a team through boat restoration.


Sydwest Aged Care Disability and Refugee Support - $10,000.00

SydWest Multicultural Services is a not-for-profit community provider established to assist migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants in their settlement.

This Community Grant will aid in the continuation of the Shining Stars program established in 2010, targeted at young African migrant women. The program will facilitate social inclusion, promote health and wellbeing, and be delivered through theme activities such as art and dancing sessions covering a range of youth issues.


Tablelands Community Employment & Training Incorporated - $10,000.00

Backtrack YouthWorks is a community development initiative that incorporates a philosophy that seeks to improve the wellbeing and outcomes of at-risk youth aged 15-19, primarily from an Indigenous background.

This Community Grant will fund the 'On Track' project, which engages youth for the summer school holiday period, through a cadetship with the Rural Fire Service, completing units of competency from a Certificate II in Rural Operations, and undertake work placement on local farming properties. 


Tamworth Youth Centre Incorporated - $9,898.00

Tamworth Youth Care is a not-for-profit community organisation that provides services that teach young people life skills to enable them to become valued members of the community.

This Community Grant will fund the Coledale After School Learning Program, that will provide numeracy and literacy tuition to Indigenous children with special needs aged between 7-11, four afternoons a week. The program also offers sports training and plant growing lessons in the centre's communal garden.


The Benevolent Society - $7,500.00

The Benevolent Society provides direct support services to individuals, families and communities to break the harmful and destructive cycles of parenting and behaviour.

This Community Grant will maintain the Kids in Focus Playgroup; an intervention and family focused initiative that deals with the impacts of substance misuse in families with children aged 0-3 in the Redfern area.


The Deaf Society of NSW - $9,784.00

The Deaf Society of New South Wales is a bilingual not-for-profit organisation delivering services to deaf and hard of hearing people who use Auslan as their first or preferred language.

This Community Grant will help establish the Deaf Friendly Families: Deaf Parent Mentoring project, where deaf parents will be trained as mentors for parents with children who have hearing loss. 


The Shepherd Centre- $10,000.00

The Shepherd Centre is an organisation that enables deaf and hearing-impaired children to develop spoken language and participate in the hearing world.

This Community Grant will fund The Shepherd Centre's 35th Residential Workshop, which is an outreach program consisting of a week of intense workshops and therapy sessions, meeting the needs of the isolated families of children who are deaf/hearing impaired.


The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (Randwick and Westmead) - $9,767.00

Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service is a state-wide mobile emergency intensive care service which offers expert clinical advice, co-ordination, emergency treatment, stabilisation and inter-hospital transport for sick or injured babies and children.

This Community Grant will purchase an I-STAT Portable Clinical Analyser, used to analyse a newborn or child's blood for acid-base, oxygen, carbon dioxide, glucose and other measurements. Outside of a Hospital, this is the only way critical blood tests can be performed prior to transport.


Cure Our Kids - $9,862.00

Cure Our Kids aims to restore normalcy to the lives of children with cancer and their families, whilst at the Children's Hospital at Westmead.

This Community Grant will go toward employing a qualified massage therapist for three hours per week for the Massage Therapy for Children with Cancer program. The program provides therapeutic massage to cancer patients aged 3-18, which has been scientifically proven to reduce many symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment.


The Salvation Army - $10,000.00

Since 1865, The Salvation Army has helped to change lives, communities and nations. No.47 Community Home is a Salvation Army administered partnership with Department of Housing NSW in the City of Ryde, which administers study and tuition programs for the poorest and most marginalised children in the City of Ryde.

The Community Grant will fund the Study Shed and Youth Outreach Program to provide education support for children in Housing NSW properties in Ryde, giving them access to computers, free internet access, and tutors from Macquarie University.


Ulladulla and Districts Community Resources Centre Incorporated - $10,000.00

The Ulladulla and Districts Community Resources Centre is an active member and auspice of the local Community Drug Action Team, which seeks to reduce drug and alcohol related harm within the community.

This Community Grant will fund the Talking Tactics Together program; an interactive drug and alcohol youth prevention initiative for students in years 5 and 6 to improve their knowledge and decision making about alcohol and other drug related issues.


UnitingCare Singleton Disability Respite Services -  $6,864.00

UnitingCare Singleton Disability Respite Service provides care and support to children with disabilities and their families.

This Community Grant will extend the Singleton Toy Shelf, a community based toy library specialising in toys and development aids for children with disabilities and special needs. The donation will be used to purchase toys to help the development of visually impaired children.


Wesley Mission - $9,887.00

Wesley Mission is a community services and social welfare organisation that provides frontline services to the local community.

This Community Grant will fund the Operation Hope Adventure Project, an early intervention leadership program for young people at risk of developing anti-social behaviours. 


Wheelchair Sports NSW - $10,000.00

Wheelchair Sports NSW provides opportunities for people with disabilities to enrich their lives through sport.

This Community Grant will go toward the Talented Athlete Program, which seeks to identify promising junior wheelchair athletes and provide pathways to improve their skills through coaching and training.


White Lion - $10,000.00

White Lion is a not-for-profit organisation that supports disadvantaged young people aged 12-25, focusing on those who have had contact with, or are at risk of contact with, the Youth Justice or Out-of-Home Care Systems.

This Community Grant will fund Juvenile Justice Detention Centre Career Expos to be held in Sydney detention centres, showcasing a range of careers to engage the detainees and provide insight into employment options.


Yoorana Gunya Family Violence Healing Centre Aboriginal Corporation - $10,000.00

Yoorana Gunya is a not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation that was established out of community action, addressing the issue of family violence in a holistic way.

This Community Grant will fund Love Bites, a school-based program that educates youth about respectful relationships through three interactive workshops.


YWCA NSW - $10,000.00

YWCA NSW works with disadvantaged families throughout NSW at critical times of their lives, combining early intervention, education programs and practical support.

This Community Grant will fund Breakfast Buddies, a daily program operating each morning in a school setting that provides a safe place where disadvantaged children can arrive early, have a healthy breakfast and engage in regular physical activity.



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State: ACT


Communities@Work Ltd - $10,000.00

OzHarvest Canberra rescues and delivers 10 tonnes of good food to 60 charities and refuges, allowing them to provide at least 35,000 meals to thousands of people across Canberra.

This Community Grant will support food delivery to five organisations, allowing children to experience better nutritional health, and educational outcomes.


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State: QLD


Arundel Park Riding Centre - $8,912.00

Arundel Park Riding for the Disabled is a community based not-for-profit organisation providing therapeutic horse riding to disabled children in the lower South East Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

This Community Grant will support Therapeutic horse-riding for the Disabled by purchasing and installing a sound system in the riding arena, which benefits the children who respond well to sound and music, and allows the riders and volunteers to make use of wireless headphone and microphone equipment.


Autism Gold Coast - $10,000.00

Autism Gold Coast is a not-for-profit organisation and support group for parents, families and carers of people diagnosed with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.

This Community Grant will fund the upgrade of the Sibling and Autistic Teenagers Drop-In Centre building at Autism Gold Coast. This one-off investment will enable the program to run for at least ten years.


Blue Skies Pre-School and Kindergarten - $942.00

The RAAF Women's Association Committee began operating the Blue Skies Kindergarten as a not-for-profit organisation for children who turn four before June 30 each year, to develop their full potential physically, socially, and intellectually.

This Community Grant will purchase necessary items for the Happy, Healthy, Outdoor Fun program, including ladders and other outdoor materials. 


Brisbane Youth Service - $10,000.00

Brisbane Youth Service provides community welfare and related support services to homeless or at risk young people aged between 12 and 25.

This Community Grant will assist in establishing the Education, Employment and Training Pathways for homeless or at risk young people up to 20 years of age. The service aims to enrol these youth into suitable accredited training courses to help them eventually exit from the cycle of poverty and welfare dependency.


Coral Coast Community Care - $4,700.00

Coral Coast Community Care provides service for the relief of poverty, suffering, sickness, distress, misfortune, destitution and helplessness of people.

This Community Grant will purchase a container fitted out with clothing racks and shelving to store goods donated to their Bubs and Kids give away centre, which gives babies and children's clothing and goods to disadvantaged families.


Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation - $5,000.00

The Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation contributes to the improvement of the quality of health care provision in Far North Queensland.

This Community Grant will allow the Foundation to purchase a vital signs monitor for the Far North Queensland Hospital, as part of their Hospital In The Home Program. The equipment measures blood pressure, temperature and also provides overnight sleep studies, which are more accurate in a familiar home environment.


Far North Queensland Cerebral Palsy Support Group - $9,119.00

Far North Queensland Cerebral Palsy Support Group works to improve the services and opportunities available to families affected by cerebral palsy and living in Cairns and Far North Queensland.

This Community Grant will aid the Far North Queensland Cerebral Palsy Support Group and its Hydrotherapy Program. The grant will be used to fund qualified physiotherapists to provide hydrotherapy and aquatic based physiotherapy to local children with cerebral palsy and similar physical disabilities.


Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth - $7,513.00

Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth provides 24/7 accommodation for homeless young people aged between 12 and 17 in the Gold Coast region.

This Community Grant will help fund the Lifeskills Program, where the organisation will seek to re-engage with clients through practical, traditional, and PC interactive lessons and skill training.


Hear and Say - Centre for Deaf Children - $9,528.00

Hear and Say Centre for Deaf Children is a Queensland based charity that teaches children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak like  hearing children.

This Community Grant will help expand LAUNCH PAD, a social skills program for deaf children aged between 4 -5 who communicate orally, offering the program to more children through video recordings.


Little Souls Taking Big Steps - $5,000.00

Little Souls Taking Big Steps educates children aged between 2 - 6 living with Autism.

This Community Grant will assist the organisation in purchasing computer programs and educational material, which in addition to sessions tailored to suit each child's level of ability, has been proven to minimise the financial and emotional stress on families and the community.


Making A Difference Youth Alliance Community of Australia - $8,900.00

Making A Difference Youth Alliance Community Of Australia seeks to empower, support, care for and give hope to vulnerable, at risk and marginalised young people.

This Community Grant will fund the Vital Skills Intervention and Research Project, which aims to reduce crime and prevent people aged 16-19 entering the justice system. The program aims to engage through educational courses in literacy/numeracy, sport, life and employment skills.


National Council of Churches in Australia - $4,400.00

The Home of Expressive Arts in Learning (HEAL) Program is a Brisbane school-based mental health program presented by the National Council of Churches in Australia, which specialises in helping the wellbeing of refugee kids.

This Community Grant will fund the HEAL Growing Me program, which provides culturally appropriate activities for refugee children to allow processing of pre- and post- migration for those suffering trauma and loss.


Rockhampton Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association - $9,855.00

The Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association provides accessible sporting, recreation and leisure activities for children, youth, adults and senior citizens.

This Community Grant will enable the Rockhampton Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association to install a kitchen in the new building used for the Youth at Risk Program.


Capalaba Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association - $8,560.00

The Redlands Police-Citizens Youth Club offers a range of activities and services for the Redland community, to keep young people and families active.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase gymnastic equipment including safety matting for the Gymnastics Club, which is a recreational and competitive club with programs for children and adults of all ages.


Royal Children's Hospital Foundation - $4,990.00

The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of Queensland's Royal Children's Hospital, which helps to raise essential funds to support research for faster diagnoses, better treatments and ultimately cures for some of the most devastating childhood illnesses.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase a FlashPak Sterilisation Container used to sterilise instruments in the operation theatre quickly for emergency procedures where saving time is crucial.


Smartpups Assistance Dogs for Disabled Children - $7,900.00

Smartpups is a nationwide training program for Assistance Dogs that are provided to children with special needs.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase five Labrador puppies which will be trained as Autism and Seizure Assistance Dogs to meet the needs of their most urgent cases.


The Baptist Union of Queensland-Community Services Group - $10,000.00

The Wahroonga Counselling Centre in Rockhampton is a service of The Baptist Union of Queensland - Community Services Group. The Centre helps young people to work through trauma in order to function with their peers at school and in the community. 

This Community Grant will be used to construct a therapeutic playground for children receiving psychological services for complex trauma.


The Brighter Future For Kids Foundation - $9,973.00

The Brighter Future For Kids Foundation runs programs to meet the basic physical and nutritional needs of disadvantaged Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children.

This Community Grant will fund the Shoes and Socks 4 Kids program, which provides free quality leather shoes and socks to disadvantaged children living in regional areas.


Toowoomba Hospital Foundation - $7,708.00

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit; charitable organisation that supports the Toowoomba Hospital and associated health services of the region.

This Community Grant will be used to upgrade the baby cot equipment at the hospital, caring for over 2500 infants aged from birth to two years of age each year. The new cot will provide a safe environment for the babies and will alleviate the need for constant staff attention.


Youth with a Mission - Reef to Outback Association - $9,000.00

Youth With A Mission is a volunteer, youth-focussed movement where people from different faiths and backgrounds can come together and participate in training courses and seminars for service in all spheres of society.

This Community Grant will fund the Youth Street Program, which aids in skill and relationship development through fun and creative activities on a Saturday, and provides live bands and night-time activities.


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State: NT


Katherine Regional Arts Incorporated - $8,000.00

Katherine Regional Arts is a program providing support to artists, arts organisations, remote communities and touring bodies in Katherine and the Northern Territory.

This Community Grant will be used to establish the Living Smart Public Art Project. The project will engage local school children to paint murals on public buildings in the community.


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State: VIC


Armadale Primary School - Out of School Hours Care Program - $2,500.00

The Armadale Primary School Out of School Hours Care program provides affordable childcare for primary-aged children.

This Community Grant will redevelop and expand the current garden area as part of the Out of School Hours Care program's Edible Garden. The expansion will provide the students a better insight into self-sustainability and proper nutrition.


Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation - $6,025.00

The Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation provides a centralised support forum for Alopecia Areata sufferers and their families.

This Community Grant will establish the Wigs For Kids initiative, which will act as an introductory program for kids newly diagnosed with any form of Alopecia Areata and now needing to wear a wig.


Beaufort and Skipton Health Service - $5,000.00

The Beaufort Skipton Health Service co-ordinates health promotion, illness prevention, acute and extended care from a community based service.

This Community Grant will be used to establish an Edible Garden with outdoor classroom at Skipton Primary School. This will teach the children how to build and maintain a garden, grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.


Beaumaris Life Saving Club - $5,000.00

The Beaumaris Life Saving Club identifies at risk youth and offers a free initiative program that teaches first aid, water safety, resuscitation and radio communications.

This Community Grant will fund the continuation of this program, giving participants a heightened sense of teamwork, self-esteem and community spirit.


Boots For All - $10,000.00

Boots For All collects quality, second-hand Australian Rules football boots and new football equipment to be redistributed to disadvantaged teams across Australia.

This Community Grant will fund the Gets Everyone In project that collects and redistributes Australian Rules boots, to facilitate the active participation in sport of disadvantaged Australians who would otherwise be excluded.


Children's Charity Network - $10,000.00

Children's Charity Network supplies literary programs to disadvantaged children across Australia.

This Community Grant will go towards the Bright Kids Program, where 3000 students will be screened to test for Specific Learning Disabilities, with the worst 20 cases having a full assessment and remediation program set up.


Edmund Rice Camps - $7,400.00

Edmund Rice Camps provides disadvantaged kids and families with the opportunity to have some fun, build confidence and spend time with young, positive role models.

This Community Grant will fund the 2012 Summer Camp for boys aged between 12 and 15. The 5-day camp is for disadvantaged boys to develop skills and have one-on-one mentoring opportunities.


Harrow Bush Nursing Centre - $8,500.00

Harrow Bush Nursing Centre provides primary and community-based services to the town of Harrow and surrounding communities.

This Community Grant will fund community youth services and activities, incorporating after school and holiday activities into the list of services the centre provides. The grant will enable the centre to train and equip its volunteers with the skills and equipment needed to run programs aimed at children.


Helping Hoops - $9,200.00

Helping Hoops is an independent Melbourne charity that runs free basketball programs for disabled and disadvantaged youth.

This Community Grant will ensure the continuation of the Helping Hoops Special Olympics Program in the northern region. This program brings together 30 children with an intellectual disability and provides a high coach-to-child ratio so that children can get the individual attention they need.


Legacy Australia Council - $10,000.00

The Legacy Australia Council cares and offers services for the families of deceased veterans in Australia.

This Community Grant will fund the Legacy Wards Anzac Heritage Visit to Canberra in April 2012. This will allow children who have lost a parent or relative whilst on active service to learn about the Anzac Heritage through a visit to the War Memorial and meet other children in similar circumstances.


National SIDS Council of Australia (Victoria) - $8,000.00

SIDS and Kids Victoria is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood. SIDS and Kids also supporting families who have lost a child due to SIDS.

This Community Grant will fund the Reduce the Risk – Sleep Your Baby Safely campaign which targets new mothers, carers and health professionals, educating them through a new Safe Sleeping iPhone app.


Port Phillip Community Group - $8,000.00

Port Phillip Community Group provides support to disadvantaged children and families in the Port Philip region.

This Community Grant will give a small grant to each child supported by the Port Phillip Community Group to cover or contribute towards educational costs for uniforms, books, fees, excursions and other essentials.


Riding For The Disabled Association Of Victoria – Dallas Centre - $1,720.00

The Riding for The Disabled Association of Victoria – Dallas Centre provides horse riding experiences for people with a disability in a safe environment, promoting physical activity and social interaction. 

This Community Grant will be used to purchase two InkyDinky special support saddles designed to keep a child's unstable or weak skeleton structure in an upright position without comprising safety or limiting their ability to improve their riding skills.


Riding For The Disabled Association Of Victoria - Collingwood Centre - $3,620.00

The Riding for The Disabled Association of Victoria Collingwood helps young people with a disability to develop equestrian skills to enjoy sporting and recreational activities with their peers at Collingwood Children's Farm.

This Community Grant will purchase 40 pairs of riding boots and 40 helmets to replace second hand equipment that is soon to expire its occupational health and safety used by date. 


Soundhouse Music Alliance -  $8,100.00

Soundhouse Music Alliance initiates, manages and promotes multi-media, contemporary music making and education for teachers and students, and provides special opportunities for children in confined circumstances, such as sick beds and wheelchairs.

This Community Grant will fund the mobile Soundhouse Rock Cage project, which is a trolley loaded with electronic musical equipment allowing sick children to play contemporary music in their beds and in wards without noisy interruptions to those around them. The project is intended to expand once it has been trialled and assessed.


St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria) -  $9,647.00

St John Ambulance Australia Victoria, trains and equips volunteers to provide range of vital community services such as first aid, emergency response and care and development programs.

This Community Grant will fund the Essential Equipment for Dromana Secondary College Cadets initiative. This initiative will replace essential first aid equipment at the Dromana Secondary College where the St John Cadets program is currently run for young people aged between 8 and 17.


The Foundation for Young Australians - $9,640.00

The Foundation for Young Australians develops and delivers programs that foster engagement in learning, address access and equality issues and links schools and communities.

This Community Grant will help to launch the Big Red Bus initiative. The initiative will see young people in Victorian regional areas see their big ideas about changing the world become a reality. Facilitators from Foundation for Young Australians will travel across the country supporting local councils and youth organisations, celebrating the work of young people in their communities.


The Trustee for McAuley-Champagnat Trust - $10,000.00

The Trustee for McAuley-Champagnat Trust provides self-paced individual learning in a safe and flexible educational environment for disadvantaged youth.

This Community Grant will fund the Growing Hope Project, a garden and farm model that includes a herb garden, functional farm with animals and produce, sensory garden for outdoor learning and therapy.


The Salvation Army Victoria - $10,000.00

Salvation Army Westcare works with children and young people aged from birth until 20 years from within the out-of-home care system.

This Community Grant will go towards the Community Garden in Sunshine, designed to bring together various groups of the community and give participants the opportunity to learn skills through the development and maintenance of a community garden.


Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club - $3,638.00

Torquay Surf Life Saving Club is at the forefront of lifesaving service, patrolling one of the busiest beaches in Victoria.

This Community Grant will fund the training of 30 junior life savers at a week-long camp at the Club, including the provision of meals, accommodation and uniforms once their certification is completed.


Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria - $3,690.00

The Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria provides support for sufferers (particularly children) of Tourette Syndrome and their families.

This Community Grant will purchase information packs for 386 Victorian Paediatricians and Family Clinics to give people a better understanding of Tourette Syndrome. It will also help their Association provide clinical counselling and support for children with Tourette Syndrome.


Trustees of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan - $9,000.00

The Good Samaritan Inn offers crisis accommodation to women and their children who are escaping family violence or who find themselves homeless.

This Community Grant will fund the Support Kids In Court program, which provides custom-made activity kits for kids and court information packs for mothers experiencing family violence who are in and out of the court system.


Victorian Blue Light State Council - $5,700.00

The Victorian Blue Light State Council aims to assist police in rectifying the imbalance of pro-active and re-active policing where young people are concerned, by providing young people with positive lifestyle alternatives and strategies to avoid becoming an offender or victim of crime.

This Community Grant will fund The Blue Light Junior Citizen Awards, where each month a student is selected on the basis of displaying a sense of community spirit in their local school or community.


Vision Australia - $9,000.00

Vision Australia works with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them have access to, and give them the opportunity to fully participate in life.

This Community Grant will purchase a digital playback device to improve the Information Library Service by giving access to information in alternative formats as part of the Bridging The Information Divide For Children with Vision Loss program.


Western Chances - $10,000.00

Western Chances' awards are merit based scholarships tailored to young people who have an identified talent, desire and motivation to fulfil their potential, but lack the finances, opportunities and networks to pursue their goals.

This Community Grant will fund the Western Chances Scholarship Project to support scholarship winners to remain in secondary education and advance to tertiary studies, training and employment. The scholarships cover the cost of textbooks, travel cards, camps, tutoring and other educational costs.


Youth for Christ Australia - $4,120.00

Youth for Christ Australia is part of Youth for Christ International, a Christian inter-denominational, non-profit organisation operating to care for those faced with tragic circumstances of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, self-harm, sexuality, violence and suicide.

This Community Grant will fund DRUMBEAT, a ten-week music intervention program for people aged 15 to 25 experiencing behavioural, interpersonal and family issues.   


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State: TAS


Hobart Police and Community Youth Club - $3,000.00

Hobart Police and Community Youth Club provides low cost, positive sporting, recreational, social and cultural programs in a safe environment primarily for at risk youth.

This Community Grant will purchase musical equipment such as guitars and amplifiers for the Police and Community Youth Club Rock School program. This program will see a currently serving Tasmanian Police Officer, who plays in a well known Tasmanian Rock Band, giving guitar tuition to at-risk youth who express an interest in music. The program will provide equipment for the students' use and is given to them upon completion of the course for further practice.


National SIDS Council of Australia (Tasmania) - $6,400.00

SIDS and Kids Tasmania is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood. SIDS and Kids also supporting families who have lost a child due to SIDS

This Community Grant will help to fund the Reduce the Risk - Sleep Your Baby Safely campaign, which will see changes made to the brochure and improved educational materials aimed at new mothers, carers and health professionals.


Tascare Society for Children - $9,000.00

Tascare Society for Children is an organisation that supports young Tasmanians with disabilities and their families, providing a range of practical assistance and programs.

This Community Grant will expand the Freedom Wheels modified bike program where 15 individually modified bikes are loaned to children with disabilities who would otherwise be unable to ride.


St Michael's Association - $9,867.00

St Michael's Association provides care, support services and accommodation to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. 

This Community Grant will be used to implement the Community Garden Program for the students and youths of St Michael's Association. This project will increase their independence, nutritional knowledge, sustainability and community socialisation.


Riding for the Disabled Association of Tasmania - $6,500.00

Riding for the Disabled Association of Tasmania enables people with disabilities to experience enjoyment, challenge and a sense of achievement through equestrian activities.

This Community Grant will see the acquisition of a large horse for the Riding Develops Abilities program which will allow 10 disabled riders to participate in more than 10 additional riding activities per week.


Girl Guides Association of Tasmania - $2,000.00

Girl Guides Association of Tasmania provides girls with the opportunity to develop as individuals and become responsible community members through a program of activities and service.

This Community Grant will purchase outdoor camping equipment and subsidise travel for a camp at Devoit, where the girls to have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. With more girls in the program, an additional tent and outdoor shelter is required.


White Lion - $10,000.00

White Lion is a non-profit organisation that supports and empowers youth at risk.

This Community Grant will be used to fund the White Lion Mentor Program, where youth at risk interact with an adult mentor, who become a positive influence in that young person's life, affecting their perception of the community and their place in it.


Down Syndrome of Tasmania - $5,000.00

Down Syndrome Tasmania assists families of children with Down syndrome, and in particular, to help people with Down Syndrome to realise their full potential.  

This Community Grant will be used to fund Camp Clayton in 2012 for people with Down Syndrome and their families. Camp Clayton offers participants an opportunity for fun, safe interacting with social and educational opportunities. The camp gives members an opportunity to network and learn from each other's previous experience.


The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania - $3,574.00

The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania helps Tasmanians manage the effects of asthma and linked conditions so they can lead a better life. 

This Community Grant will be used for the Schools Program, which has been developed by the Foundation to assist in decreasing the likelihood of a loss due to asthma and severe allergies. The grant will be used for the printing of first aid materials comprising of magnetic cards for parents and teachers that demonstrate emergency first aid protocol for both asthma and anaphylaxis.


Sacred Heart College - $9,000.00

Sacred Heart College has been part of the Tasmanian Catholic Church since its foundation in 1888 and has been leading member of the Tasmanian education community for over 120 years. Founded by the Sisters of St Joseph, Sacred Heart College has a reputation for dynamism, educational excellence and outstanding pastoral care.

This Community Grant will be used for a new refugee program for newly arrived migrants. The program will further engage students in their learning so that they are more likely to progress to, and finish, Year 12.


School of Special Education North-West Burnie - $5,000.00

The School of Special Education provides individual specialised programs for students with varying degrees of disability between the ages of Kindergarten and Year 12.

This Community Grant will be used to conduct Swimming and Hydrotherapy classes to teach students water awareness, confidence, enjoyment and safety, independent movement in water, social involvement, body coordination, life skill development of independently dressing and learning to care for one's property.


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State: SA


Anglicare South Australia - $9,800.00

Anglicare helps many South Australians with a diverse range of services to provide hope to people who may feel there is none. Anglicare helps people to walk with a straighter back, a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

This Community Grant will assist Anglicare in working with young people involved in illegal graffiti, to encourage involvement in legal aerosol art, take ownership over their actions and the local community.


Craigmore Christian School - $3,732.00

Craigmore Christian School has a Special Education Unit that works with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, Speech and Language Disorders and various other diagnosed learning difficulties as well as emotional and behavioural issues. The Special Education Unit brings the children out of the classroom to work on developing their skill level through games and play.

This Community Grant will be used to ensure the school has up-to-date facilities.


Flinders Medical Centre Foundation - $10,000.00

The Flinders Medical Centre Foundation is the fundraising arm of South Australia's Flinders Medical Centre. The Medical Centre's mission is to advance health and wellbeing in partnership with the community through an ongoing commitment to world standard research, education and patient care.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase a Nitrous Oxide Mixer for the Paediatric Unit. The new mixer will allow procedures to be completed within the ward or Paediatric Emergency Department environment without the time consuming process of prolonged admission, stress to the patient and ultimately better hospital admission by reduced fasting periods and shorter recovery time.


Scout Association of Australia - South Australia Branch - $6,000.00

Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for over 100 years. Scouting encourages the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of young people so they may play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens and as members of their  communities.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase a large cooking shelter to support the implementation of the active outdoor program and provide weather protection for youth members, Scout Leaders and parents during meal preparations. A trailer will provide the ability for Scout Leaders and parents to safely transport camping equipment and pioneering poles to sites for use by youth members.


Spastic Centres of South Australia - $10,000.00

The Spastic Centre of South Australia develops and promotes the potential of people with disabilities, and provides individual choice, community inclusion and meaningful participation. Spastic Centre of South Australia is committed to creating engaging and meaningful activities, leading to enhanced social and life skills for the centres clients, extending the capacity to contribute within their families and communities. 

This Community Grant will be used to fund the Our Active Backyard Project, which aims to transform an existing concrete jungle into an appealing active recreation space for teenagers. The Project gives balance to the daily program and gives youth the chance to burn off energy in structured or social activities including bocce, volleyball, badminton, handball, wall tennis, basketball and gardening.


St Marks Parish -  $9,900.00

St Marks College is a Catholic, Co-Educational, Reception to Year 12 regional college for around 1000 students. The school is administered through the Catholic Education Office, Port Pirie, and follows the Charter of its founding religious orders to be a home, a parish, and a school where friends meet and enjoy their learning.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase a shade sail to create a shaded area where secondary students can sit and have their lunch adjacent the canteen facilities.


Wirraway Homestead - $9,960.00

Wirraway Homestead provides a safe environment for young people to enjoy active and challenging country experiences, including involvement in horse riding, rock climbing, archery, flying fox and other activities. During their time at camp the children are also encouraged to consider the big questions relating to their existence, including the moral framework in which they will make decisions in their lives.

This Community Grant will provide three fully sponsored weekends for Indigenous boarders attending school on scholarships. The camp staff will facilitate their participation in various activities to help them develop teamwork, leadership skills, interpersonal skills and personal growth.


Youth Opportunities Association - South Australia - $9,000.00

The Youth Opportunities Association works to provide opportunities for youth across Australia.

This Community Grant will be used to deliver personal leadership training to Year 10 students at Woodville High School in 2012. The project will consist of two programs containing 18 students in each. The program is facilitated by two experienced youth workers and involves group discussion and one-on-one coaching.


Sunrise Christian School Whyalla - $5,000.00

Sunrise Christian School Whyalla provides an independent Primary School for 125 kids in years Kindergarten to 7 and also caters for students with learning difficulties and students with a disability.

This Community Grant will be used to purchase an outdoor play structure for the Early Learning Centre. The play structure will provide an outdoor learning area for the children who attend the centre.


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State: WA


Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre - $9,412.00

Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre provides a fun and safe riding experience for disabled children. The experiences allow them to be active participants rather than observers.

This Community Grant will be used to replace unsafe, worn equipment and update safety equipment to comply with Australian Standards.


Down Syndrome Association of Western Australia - $9,700.00

Down Syndrome Western Australia supports people with Down Syndrome to live a life of their choice, achieve their goals and make their contribution to the community. The organisation supports families and educates the community by providing current information to new parents, family support through information and links with other families, a drop in centre and helpline, as well as newsletters, website, and a resource library.

This Community Grant will be used to establish a playgroup to encourage the acquisition of developmental milestones. By using a playgroup setup, with parents in attendance, Down Syndrome WA be able to develop parents' skills as well as provide stimulation and therapy ideas for the child.


Ear Science Institute Australia - $9,985.00

Ear Science Institute Australia is an independent organisation dedicated to the research and treatment of ear and hearing disorders. The Ear Science Institute has three primary activities: delivery of audiological services; research programs in ear disease and hearing disorders; and education from under-graduate to post-graduate training.

This Community Grant will be used for the development of a program that plays recordings of various daily sounds and modifies them to simulate various types of hearing loss. A library of sounds will be available (bird songs, children talking, radio/TV news, phone ringing, music tracks) to suit all ages. The program will be used in the Cheers for Ears classroom sessions in the Hearing Discovery Centre and on the website.


Edmund Rice Centre Mirrabooka -  $9,810.00

Edmund Rice Centre Mirrabooka provides community educational services to Refugees and Indigenous Families in the North Metropolitan area. Programs currently offered at the Centre include: English and Computer classes, Driver Education, Lifeskills for Living in Australia, Cooking and craft activities for adults as well as a cultural program for Indigenous children.

This Community Grant will be used to establish a project that aims to break down barriers and foster harmony between diverse groups. The project will develop leadership skills in youth and Indigenous backgrounds and provide them with meaningful opportunities to implement these skills and become positive role models in the mainstream community.


Mission Australia -  $8,000.00

Mission Australia has been transforming the lives of Australians in need for more than 150 years. Mission Australia provides more than 550 community and employment services that help over 300,000 Australians a year. Their vision is to see a fairer Australia by enabling people in need to find pathways to a better life.

This Community Grant will be used to fund Kidz Club, an after school care program for children who have experienced homelessness or are at risk of homelessness, domestic violence and isolation. Kidz Club provide activities for children in a safe environment where children can socialise, enjoy craft and educational activities, play games in an indoor and outdoor setting under the supervision of trained facilitators.


Multiple Sclerosis of Western Australia - $6,690.00

The Multiple Sclerosis Society provides services for people and their families living with Multiple Sclerosis in Western Australia. The organisation provides services including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and in-home supports.

This Community Grant will be used to fund an educational recreational camp for youth with a parent living with Multiple Sclerosis. Previous camps have been effective in promoting understanding within the family, as well as enabling the youth to share their experiences and develop strong peer supports with others in similar circumstances.


Riding for the Disabled Association - Mornington Centre - $597.00

Riding for the Disabled Mornington Centre enables people with disabilities and volunteers to experience enjoyment, challenge and a sense of achievement through participation in equestrian activities. Riding for the Disabled Mornington Centre is dedicated to providing services through an organisation which is relevant, innovative, effective and rewarding.

This Community Grant will be used to assist the organisation in continuing to provide a safe and supportive environment in which children of all ages who have disabilities can receive riding instruction and participate in equestrian activities. 


Rocky Bay - $8,506.00

Rocky Bay has been providing a range of services to people living with disabilities, and their families, since 1938. Rocky Bay currently supports over 1000 children and more than 500 adults living with disabilities in Western Australia. 

This Community Grant will be used to establish an interactive communication and assessment centre for school aged children. This will include the purchase of iPods and iPads, which are portable, user friendly and can be used with a range of clients to develop fine motor control, visual perceptual skills, sensory stimulation and concept development. 


Special Aussies Foundation - $10,000.00

The Special Aussies Foundation ensures that children with special needs have access to the equipment, resources and information they need to actively experience their world and realise their full potential. Special Aussies Foundation has implemented the Equipment Project Mission for children with a disability, which aims to significantly reduce the waiting time for essential equipment and services for children in Western Australia.

This Community Grant will be used to obtain a podiatry walker, which will provide children aged 5-13 the opportunity to take their first steps at the Independent Living Centre. 


The Trustee for Friends of Autism - $8,000.00

The Trustee for Friends of Autism is an independent charity that assists families affected by Autism in Western Australia. Friends of Autism helps families by providing a holistic family centred service from birth to adulthood including counselling, early intervention services, school age and holiday programs, toy and information library and support meetings.

This Community Grant will be used to fund the popular school holiday program. The program provides children aged 5-18 with an Autism friendly environment where they feel safe and welcomed. Siblings are welcome to join the program which can increase their bond and parents or carers receive much needed respite from a place they know and trust.


The Trustee for Make A Difference Foundation - $10,000.00

Make a Difference Foundation raises funds to make a difference to the lives of those in difficult circumstances, to improve the overall quality of life across various Western Australian communities.

This Community Grant will provide support to local youth who are talented in sport, the arts and science, and come from a disadvantaged family background and are unable to realise their dreams.


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