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Community Grants Program - 2009

NSW & ACT Community Grant recipients

Hear for You - $10,000

Hear for You is an innovative organisation that has assisted over 400 deaf and hearing impaired teenagers to integrate into a society that relies heavily on hearing. Hear for You provide young people with workshops, support and life education skills through role models and mentors.

Medley Community Inc - $7,300

Medley Community provides much needed accommodation, education and mentoring for homeless youth throughout New South Wales. Medley Community aims to develop comprehensive skills in cooking, cleaning, hygiene, budgeting and finance to reduce the risk of young people continuing on in the cycle of homelessness.

Lighthouse Community Care Ltd - $10,000

Lighthouse Community Care offers homeless youth a place of hope, education and a positive future.  The Community Grant will help support my|place, an education program that focuses on basic life skills such as cleaning, cooking, budgeting, using public transport, resume writing and job interviewing.

Firstchance Inc - $8,437

Firstchance provides support programs to the families of infants, young children and teens with a disability. The grant money will allow Firstchance to continue its piloted program called the Movie Club, which aims to teach teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome how to make their own movie.

Nepean Youth Accommodation Services Inc - $9,780

Nepean Youth Accommodation Services aims to reduce the number of cases of child abuse that occur through a lack of parental support. The Young Parents Program, developed by the NYAS will use the grant money to run two teenage parenting groups a week, providing a safe environment to practice parenting skills.  

Save the Children Australia - $10,000

Save the Children protects vulnerable children from abuse, neglect and exploitation, while providing them access to quality education and health services. With money from the Community Grant, Save the Children will be able to continue their Reiby Detention Centre Homework & Life Skills Program. This program provides support in the areas of literacy and numeracy as well as building children’s self esteem with positive male role models and mentors.

Breakaway - $10,000

Breakaway is committed to enhancing the lives of people living with disabilities as well as their families. Thanks to Community Grant assistance since 2008, Breakaway has created a unique camp aiming to provide the sibling of children that are classified as ‘high needs’ with relief and ways to strengthen the bond between families.

Southern Community Welfare - $4,250

Southern Community Welfare (SCW) is a community based, harm prevention organisation.  SCW’s general counselling services for at-risk youth address issues like depression, anxiety, child abuse,, relationship counselling and child and family counselling where harmful behaviour has been identified.   

Sisters of Charity Outreach - $2,000

Sisters of Charity Outreach run programs with the active participation of volunteers and are committed to providing care through services of education, counselling, visitation, transport, referrals and hospitality. Grant money will be used to continue a child related transport program called Country Care Link. This program is designed for children who must travel to Sydney for specialist medical treatment due to lack of access in their local area.

Cure Our Kids - $9,922

Cure Our Kids supports children with cancer and their families at The Children's Hospital, Westmead. Children aged 2-12 are provided with support services to lift their spirits and make their time in hospital as positive as possible. With the grant money, a qualified Play Therapist will be employed part time to educate children about their illness and prepare them for their procedure.  

Sir David Martin Foundation - $9,859

Sir David Martin Foundation raises funds for Mission Australia run youth crisis programs. The goal is to get more young people off the streets, away from unhealthy situations and into care and rehabilitation. The Community Grant will help fund Triple Care Farm, a 12 week, residential alcohol and drugs rehabilitation program for 16-24 years olds.

Giant Steps Sydney - $10,000

Giants Steps is a school catering specifically for children with autism 2-18 years of age. The  programs combine occupational, speech and music therapy with teaching in consultation with parents to help kids reach their maximum potential.  Giant Steps will use the grant to help fund a formal assessment of the effectiveness of the Giant Steps Early Learning Program.  

Aboriginal Children Services - $10,000

Aboriginal Children Services provides assistance to Indigenous families and at-risk youth within the inner city community and surrounding suburbs. The grant will be used to pilot Gootha Gathering, a project centered around life skills such as literacy and numeracy and future options such as job search support.

Greater Western Area Health Service - $10,000

Greater Western Area Health Service promotes the mental health and well being in the local community.  The grant will help fund Children of Parents with Mental Illness (CoPMI). These are camps for children aged 8-18 years aimed to build coping and conflict resolution skills of children who have a parent with a mental illness.

Chinese Parents Association Inc - $7,000

Chinese Parents Association (CPA) is run mainly by parents and volunteers. CPA provides informational, recreational, educational and support services for people with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. CPA will use the grant to fund Kidz Go Musical, a program aimed to develop the musical ability and dancing skills of children with intellectual disabilities.

Assistance Dogs Australia - $10,000

Assistance Dogs Australia trains Labradors and Retrievers to carry out basic tasks and provide a companion for children confined to a wheelchair. Assistance Dogs will use the grant to find suitable puppies that are much needed by children confined to a wheelchair.

Stewart House - $9,720

Stewart House provides short term care for public school children in need of a break due to some form of difficulty.  Children aged between 6-15 years attend a 12-day break and are nominated by their school principals. The grant will allow 32 children from the Dubbo and Bourke area to visit Stewart House on Sydney’s Curl Curl Beach, have a holiday and take advantage of the summer weather.           

Richmond Community Services Inc - $7,481

Richmond Community Services provides local community support for parents and advocacy training for at-risk youth. The grant will help fund several courses including, RAGE (Renegotiating Angry & Guilty Emotions) for boys in years 7 to 10 with anger issues, Communicating with Teenagers, a 4 week ongoing group for parents of teenagers and Managing Anger in Adolescents,a one-off workshop to provide parents and primary carers knowledge and skills to understand and respond to their teens anger.

Intereach NSW Inc - $8,050

Intereach NSW operates in the rural and regional environment of the Riverina Murray region to assist individuals, families and communities address needs, achieve a decent quality of life and be sustainable. The grant money will fund Basketball for Aboriginal Primary School Aged Children, an initiative that aims to reintroduce Aboriginal children to basketball in the Deniliquin area.   

Point Zero Youth Services - $10,000

Point Zero Youth Services supports 12-25 year old youth by providing services including educational programs, advice and support, and outreach services. The Community Grant will fund the Point Zero Drug and Alcohol Youth Outreach Vans. The vans are designed as a safe place where young people can come to for assistance with alcohol and other drug related issues, as well as for general advice, assistance, referral and support.

SDN Child and Family Services Pty Ltd - $10,000

SDN Child and Family Services offers high quality child care services as well as targeted support for children and families.  The grant will help fund Easy Cooking on a Budget, classes designed for  disadvantaged parents and their children under 5 years. The classes teach basic cooking & budgeting one morning a week, over a five week period out of a Redfern Community Centre.

Sutherland Early Support Service - $10,000

Sutherland Early Support Service improves the quality of life for families with newborns and young children.  Community Grant funding will support Early Links. This is a program for families with disability and ill health that provides free home visits by trained volunteers to support mothers with new babies and children up to 3 years of age.

Parramatta Mission - $10,000

Parramatta Mission has been working in the community for over 40 years. The Mission works with youth and women who are disadvantaged owing to drug and alcohol abuse, poor literacy skills, domestic violence and mental illness. The Community Grant will provide a before and after school tutoring and mentoring program to help parents and support children in need.