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2008 Financial literacy grant recipients

New South Wales

All Saints Girls Catholic College
Liverpool NSW
Financially Intelligent Girls: Independent and Living it up!

All Saints Girls Catholic College in the western Sydney suburb of Liverpool has been awarded a Financial Literacy Grant for the program ‘Financially Intelligent Girls: Independent and Living it up!’ Designed for the Year 10 Commerce class, the month-long online simulation teaches students about the financial planning and decision-making necessary to move out of the family home. The exercise aims to be an engaging experience which uses innovative learning techniques, such as video sessions and online collaboration, to engage the students and build their understanding.

Australian International Academy
Strathfield NSW
Business Week

Year 7 and Year 8 students from the Australian International Academy will be introduced to the concept of financial literacy through the program, ‘Business Week’. Working in groups, the students will select a product or service, devise a business plan and then present it to their mentor for financial approval. They will then build their knowledge with the aid of guest speakers, field trips and class work, all the time applying their learning to the product or service they are developing. At the end of the project the school will host a Market Day where each of the businesses will have the opportunity to put their skills into action as they promote and sell their products to the general community.

Brigidine College Randwick
Randwick NSW
Moving Towards Independence

‘Moving towards Independence’ is an innovative online concept which will be developed by the students of Brigidine College Randwick. The project will be completed by the Year 9 Commerce class as they begin to consider the financial implications of major milestones in their lives, such as securing part-time work, managing mobile phone plans and travelling. The students will develop their financial literacy skills as they research and develop material for the one-stop learning resource, such as case studies and links to other useful websites.

Brisbane Water Secondary College Woy Woy Senior Campus
Woy Woy NSW
Increasing Personal and Small Business Financial Literacy

Brisbane Water Secondary College, located in the coastal town of Woy Woy, will use its Financial Literacy Grant to educate students on the importance of taking responsibility for finances, both personally and in the business world. Throughout the unit, students will use a number of web resources to develop a comprehensive understanding of their own personal finances and how to effectively manage them. A series of case studies and online scenarios will also be used to more accurately experience the financial implications of running a small business.

Campbell House School
Glenfield NSW
Home Alone

Campbell House School received a Financial Literacy Grant for their ‘Home Alone’ initiative. As a school which is specifically dedicated to teaching students with severe behavioural disorders, ‘Home Alone’ has been developed to offer a holistic, real-life approach to financial literacy. Students will be provided with opportunities to look at personal and household budgeting, sourcing a tax file number, setting up bank accounts, taking out loans and being educated about the rental market. In addition, they will visit various work sites and link in with the local TAFE to learn about the world outside of the schoolyard.

Chifley College Dunheved Campus
St Marys NSW

Small Business Enterprise

Students at Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus will work to achieve their financial independence through the program, ‘Small Business Enterprise’. The Financial Literacy Grant awarded to the school will be used to establish an on-campus business in which the students will develop, operate, market and sell products to members of the school community. The aim of developing this enterprise is to provide students with the necessary financial decision-making skills that will empower them to make sense of the financial world that awaits them.

Crescent School
Goulburn NSW
Crescent School Senior Trading Group

Located in the rural community of Goulburn, Crescent School caters for students with mild to severe intellectual disabilities who have limited experience in making financial decisions. ‘Crescent School Senior Trading Group’ will introduce a group of the senior students to a number of financial situations through the creation of a small canteen-style business. As the school does not currently have canteen facilities, students will cost, obtain and prepare materials for sale, complete all associated purchasing and accounting tasks and monitor the financial progress of the business over the time of the project.

Fisher Road Special School
Dee Why NSW
Functional Money System for students with an Intellectual and Physical Disability

Fisher Road Special School was awarded a Financial Literacy Grant for the program, ‘Functional Money System for Students with an Intellectual and Physical Disability’. This program will create a ‘Financial Social Story’ to teach students in an imaginative way about how to live in the community and manage their money.  Through the story, students will learn how to budget when shopping, by being given responsibility for their own wallets. From this activity, students with an intellectual and physical disability will learn to be independent when shopping, a critical milestone in their development.

International Grammar School
Ultimo NSW
CA$H IN, CA$H OUT: Budgeting for Life

With a highly diverse student population, the International Grammar School in Sydney’s inner-city will undertake a dynamic simulation exercise to develop their financial literacy skills. Over the course of the program, ‘Ca$h In, Ca$h Out: Budgeting for Life’, each student will learn the financial steps needed for when they start work and establish their independence  away from home. The real-life aspects of this activity will develop the vital skills required to ensure the students make positive financial choices when leaving school.

John Therry Catholic High School
Campbelltown NSW

Financial Independence and Wealth Creation

‘Financial Independence and Wealth Creation’ is a financial literacy program for Year 10 Commerce students at John Therry Catholic High School in south-western Sydney. The initiative will ask students to research, examine, analyse and evaluate a range of banking options, before choosing the most appropriate option for their fellow students. The students will then use all the information they have gathered to create a marketing campaign which effectively promotes their choice. In addition to their personal learning, students will also share their knowledge and understanding with the wider school community to help raise awareness of financial independence and wealth creation.

Lisarow High School
Lisarow NSW

Financial Literacy for Years 9 and 10 Commerce

Lisarow High School, on the NSW central coast, will develop the financial literacy of its Year 9 and 10 Commerce students by demonstrating the different financial situations students will encounter in their adult life. The program, which comprises a number of different financially related activities, will teach students how to read and analyse a range of financial information, make sensible decisions, avoid burdensome debt levels and understand the relationship between debt and the ability to repay.

Lithgow High School
Lithgow NSW
Farm to Plate Program

The Support Faculty at Lithgow High School, which is responsible for the education of 40 students with varying degrees of intellectual disability, has been awarded a Financial Literacy Grant for its project, ‘Farm to Plate’. Through the program students will engage in a broad range of activities, from the growth and preparation of produce for catering at staff meetings, to collecting donations and deciding the best use of the proceeds. ‘Farm to Plate’ has been developed as an effective way in which to reinforce the important skills of financial management amongst this group.

Macquarie Fields High School
Macquarie Fields NSW
Money Matters in High School

‘Money Matters in High School’ is an innovative financial literacy program which will be developed by Year 9 students at Macquarie Fields High School and then presented to Year 6 students at their sister primary school. In the program, Year 9 students will learn about how to use effective budgeting to solve their own current and future personal finance issues. Having mastered these skills on an individual basis, students will then offer Year 6 students advice on the financial issues they’ve encountered in High School, and tips on the best ways to budget.

Meriden School
Strathfield NSW
Work Start Kits

Meriden School received a Financial Literacy Grant for the program ‘Work Start Kits’, which asks students to produce a financial information kit in preparation for part- or full-time employment. The students will research a number of different topics relevant to entering the workforce, such as superannuation funds and credit card applications, savings accounts, investments, debt management and mobile phone bills. They will then consolidate this information to develop a kit which can be used by other students to evaluate their own consumer choices.

MLC School
Burwood NSW
Business Studies: A Case Study Approach

The MLC School in Burwood will use their Financial Literacy Grant to develop a range of detailed case studies which can be utilised by Year 11 Business Studies students to bring current curriculum topics to life. The case studies would be based on real businesses and the daily decisions they make, illustrating how business concepts feed into all the modules being studied. As well as developing financial literacy, this program will help students build problem solving skills and entrepreneurial instincts.

Mullumbimby High School
Mullumbimby NSW
Managing My Finances

‘Managing My Finances’ is a financial literacy initiative aimed at the small proportion of Year 9 and 10 students at Mullumbimby High School who are currently at risk of not completing senior schooling and who need to be inspired to re-engage with learning. To better prepare the students for life after school, the program will focus on the topics of work education, managing budgets, superannuation, taxation, savings and credit. The course will also try to encourage the students to stay on by involving them in a hands-on way with the curriculum, by providing a course which clearly links school and education with future choices.

Passfield Park School
Minto NSW
Shop ‘til you drop!

The students at Passfield Park School have already begun the journey to financial literacy through the life skills, money program which is currently run at the school. As these students live with a range of disabilities, the next stage of their development requires them to utilise the skills learnt in the classroom in the real world. ‘Shop ‘til you drop’ is a program which will offer students the opportunity to practice cash handling, general purchasing and the use of ATM’s and EFTPOS. Although they will be closely monitored by teaching staff, they will also be responsible for the contents of their wallets and the goods purchased. Overall, the shopping activities in this program will build a significant financial understanding among this group.

Penrith High School
Penrith NSW

The Penrith High School Monatree

Penrith High School was awarded a Financial Literacy Grant to support its Year 9 Commerce class. Students will research and develop a set of financial literacy resources, such as posters, newsletter reports and business card style hints, which will be promoted to the remaining students at the school’s Small Business Week Finance Expo. From this project, the school intends to improve the understanding of the world of finance, empower students to make informed judgments and ensure greater confidence in assessing contracts, investment opportunities and securing work in the Australian economy.

Picnic Point High School
Picnic Point NSW

But I should have more than that!

‘But I should have more than that!’ is Picnic Point High School’s financial literacy program, which has been developed to teach students about how individuals earn and manage their money. This learning process will be facilitated by an online simulation game where students are given a virtual profile similar to the lifestyle they would like to have in the coming years. They will then be given activities on a regular basis which will affect their virtual status, requiring them to make informed decisions based on the extent of the financial risk they face.The students’ financial health will then be assessed based on how they made decisions, what help and advice they took and exploring what they would do differently.

PLC Sydney
Croydon NSW

Towards Financial Independence

PLC Sydney is empowering Year 9 Commerce students to take responsibility for their own futures through its ‘Towards Financial Independence’ scheme. Since many of the students have begun to consider taking on part-time work, this program has a strong focus on developing the skills related to earning an income. Specifically, students will be asked to contact a potential local employer and identify the skills requirements, hours of work, and approximate rates of pay. With this information, they will develop a personal budget, savings strategies and potential costs. Overall, the unit aims to make students aware of employment possibilities, and encourage them to take responsibility for their financial prospects.

RIDBC Alice Betteridge School
North Rocks NSW

Budgeting: From the market to the bank

RIDBC Alice Betteridge School will launch ‘Budgeting: From the market to the bank’ for a group of hearing and vision impaired students to develop their financial literacy skills. In the program, students will operate a fresh food market and design a simple marketing and business plan. Working collaboratively, the students will learn how to exchange money with the customers, access bank accounts and manage their savings. Students will participate in both theoretical and practical sessions drawing on the knowledge and skills of local community business members to build on their own learning.

Rosebank College
Five Dock NSW

Old Head on Young Shoulders

‘Old Head on Young Shoulders’ is a program developed by Rosebank College to teach financial literacy to Year 11 Business Studies students. Based on a mentoring approach, the students will plan and implement a Business Breakfast which will ask local business leaders to present to the students on various aspects of starting your own enterprise. Students will be responsible for budgeting,  catering, booking guest speakers, marketing  and evaluating the program’s success. Students will then be asked to come up with their own ideas for a small home-based business, with the business owners picking a winning group.

St Mary's High School
Casino NSW

Financial Literacy for Teaching and Learning

St Mary’s High School was awarded a Financial Literacy Grant for its program ‘Financial Literacy for Teaching and Learning’. A small group of teachers from the school’s science faculty will use the grant to develop a series of integrated science and commerce learning areas for Year 7 to 10 students. The modules will be influenced by content presented at the New South Wales Science Teachers Association State Conference, where there is a particular focus on financial literacy in science. The opportunity for staff to liaise with peers will allow for development of programs that encourage students to learn more about money management.

Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus
Glebe NSW

School to Work - Managing Your Money

The Support Unit at Sydney Secondary College’s Blackwattle Bay Campus works to build the educational and life skills of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. To do this effectively, many students require individual or small group attention from dedicated teachers. ‘School to Work - Managing Your Money’ will fund dedicated sessions to help students develop a better understanding of money management and personal responsibility. The students will be taught a number of common financial skills, such as how to open a bank account, access ATMs, withdraw small amounts of money and make different types of purchases.

The Pittwater House Girls College
Manly NSW

Local Business Seminar – Podcasts

The Pittwater House Girls School, located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, will use its Financial Literacy Grant to bolster the current Year 10 Commerce and Year 11 Business Studies courses. Both these groups will take part in seminars presented by a series of guest speakers on the different aspects of business planning. Presentations will be digitally recorded and available for use by current and future students. As support for the current financial literacy modules studied, the seminars will bring to life much of the content discussed in class, further enriching the students’ experience.

Toronto High School
Toronto NSW

Makes Cents To Me!

‘Make Cents to Me!’ is an online program which will introduce Year 10 students of Toronto High School to a range of financial literacy topics, such as banking, budgets, savings plans and personal taxation. The program’s ‘Moodle’ technology allows them to complete units of work and assessment tasks online, which makes the content highly accessible and engaging for IT-savvy students. In addition, the units will be placed permanently online, giving the program a shelf-life beyond 2009.