Bp Ultimate 98™, first to achieve the Australian Greenhouse Office (Greenhouse Friendly) Certification

7 November 2001

Today BP Ultimate 98™, was the first product to receive the Australian Greenhouse Office ‘Greenhouse Friendly’ certification.

While receiving the certification, BP Regional President, Greg Bourne said, "BP has led the industry in developing programs to reduce emissions and BP Ultimate 98™, offers customers the ability to offset their vehicle exhaust emissions in a direct and practical manner".

"I am very proud that BP Ultimate 98™, has been awarded ‘Greenhouse Friendly’ certification and pleased that BP’s efforts to reduce emissions have been recognized," said BP Fuels Manager, Mike McGuinness.

The program known as BP Global Choice™ was launched by Lord Browne, BP’s Group Chief Executive and Senator Robert Hill in September last year. Every time customers fill their cars with BP Ultimate™, BP allocates funds to greenhouse reduction projects which would not have received funding from other sources.

Attending today’s ceremony, Paul Riordan, Global Head Financial Markets for the Commonwealth Bank said, "We congratulate BP Australia for their vision and leadership in developing the BP Global Choice™ and on BP Ultimate 98™, the first product to receive the Australian Greenhouse Office ‘Greenhouse Friendly’ certification".

As manager for the BP Global Choice™, program, the Commonwealth Bank Group is responsible for sourcing and vetting suitable greenhouse reduction projects.

"When a consumer purchases a Greenhouse Friendly product, the emissions from that product are offset by investment in abatement projects resulting in an equivalent reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions," added Mr. Riordan.

More information about the BP Global Choice program and the projects is available at http://www.bp.com.au/

The Commonwealth Bank Group will also provide a web site http://www.greenhousefriendly.com/ allowing consumers to view an open register of abatement projects, and the volume of Emission Reduction Units being provided by each project.