Commonwealth Bank offers assistance package to Dubbo storm victims

9 January 2001

The Commonwealth Bank Group has activated its comprehensive special emergency assistance program to help the Bank's customers affected by the severe storm which hit Dubbo and the surrounding area on the weekend.

The Bank's General Manager in NSW, Neil Schafer, said: "The Commonwealth Bank Group is concerned that families, farmers and business people in the Dubbo area are suffering because of the unusually violent weather. Accordingly, we've put special arrangements in place to help our affected customers".

Mr Schafer said the key features of the Bank's special assistance package included:

  • loan restructuring for business customers with existing loans, without incurring the usual bank establishment fees,
  • additional loans or changes to repayment arrangements for Commonwealth Bank home loan customers who are experiencing difficulties because of the storm. They are urged to contact staff at their local branch or the Customer Service Centre on 13 2224 (between 8 am and 8 pm any day of the week),
  • review and postponement of credit card instalments for customers of good standing and/or consideration of requests for emergency credit limit increases,
  • the Bank will waive prepayment charges over the next month for affected customers wishing to access their term deposits ahead of the maturity date.

"Our staff will be happy to discuss with customers their overall financial position, any change in repayment arrangements, or to consider options for additional loan funds," Mr Schafer said.

Customers interested in the special assistance package should contact their local Commonwealth Bank branch or Relationship Manager. For general inquiries, personal customers should telephone 13 2221 and business customers 13 1998, Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm