Commonwealth Bank launches a Premium Card product the “Business Plus – Platinum MasterCard” to enhance its Business Card range

17 September 2001

The Commonwealth Bank Group today launched the Business Plus Platinum MasterCard supporting the needs of the business traveller.

General Manager Cards & Financing Products Nick Kennett said, " The Commonwealth Bank Group received encouraging feedback from our customers that the use of one card, with a single supplier has been excellent for businesses and their executives in managing their expenses.

"Lately there has been an increase in demand for premium benefits for company executives, coupled with regular access to spending data information. We believe we have delivered on these requirements with Business Plus – Platinum MasterCard".

Mr Kennett added, "Business travellers are always on the move around the clock, often without the conveniences that being at their office brings. The Business Plus – Platinum MasterCard assists in ensuring that full support is available 24 hours 7 days a week. The organisation has control over their spending with access to their data when required thereby easing administration, time and costs".

Business Plus – Platinum MasterCard along with the standard Commonwealth Bank Business MasterCard is one of the most accepted business credit cards with more than 21 million merchants around the world, and 400,000 in Australia.

SmartData Online (SDOL), MasterCard’s innovative Management Information System will be offered by the Commonwealth Bank Group as part of the Business Plus Platinum MasterCard. Using the convenience & simplicity of the Internet. This package provides an organisation and their cardholders with enhanced card information and tax reporting in an application that compliments standard operating environments thereby minimising development costs.

MasterCard International General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Mr. John Verco, said, "SDOL could save businesses significant amounts of time and money on financial reporting, and on functions like tax and purchase order reconciliation".

The system allows companies to access financial data quickly, easily and efficiently, and it allows them to do more with that data. So the bottom line is that SDOL can free up businesses and business owners by giving them more time to concentrate on their core business," he said.

"Business Plus is a particularly powerful business tool because it teams time and money saving technology with the broad acceptance of MasterCard, backed by the security of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

"No payment card in the world is more accepted than MasterCard. Here in Australia, we provide the only major international credit card accepted in taxis – and this is a vital point when you consider that taxi travel is a significant expense for many businesses."