Commonwealth Bank Group launches new advertising campaign

28 March 2001

The Commonwealth Bank Group today announced a new advertising campaign created to promote a $200 million financial services and business management offering designed specifically for Australian businesses.

This campaign is a series of press, print and outdoor executions based around 'What if' business scenarios. It is simple, bold and aggressive in style and driven entirely from the customers' point of view.

The strategy behind 'What if' was born out of the new consultative paradigm operating between the Group and its creative agency. The Group's General Manager, Brand Marketing and Information Management, Mr Graham Ford, said, "Through a series of consultations and research with staff and businesses we were able to tap into the mindset of our customers and create a campaign which demonstrates our understanding of their current business environment.

"Our staff research tells us that the business market is not aware that we offer the broadest product range, in conjunction with a full suite of financial services and business management solutions. Our customer research clearly showed us that businesses want to know that their business banker understands their business and can provide support at critical times.

"We recognise this, and through this campaign have demonstrated an understanding of the daily issues that businesses face. For some business customers it will be their first introduction to the Group's full financial services and business management solutions approach."

This campaign is a demonstration of the Group's new advertising model in action. The Three Six Zero Partnership (360) was established as the Group's sole advertising agency, responsible for television, radio, Internet and press advertising, direct mail and merchandising materials.

"Our whole way of approaching advertising has changed," said Mr Ford.

"Essentially there are no account executives involved - we have the creative team liaising directly with staff from the relevant sectors within the Group.

"Our new processes involve a series of consultations which determine business objectives, uncover any issues and bring the creative team to the front-line so that they can hear first hand what it is that our customers want.

"The creative execution is then developed over time in consultation with all of the stakeholders who have the opportunity to feed into the process. By encouraging input at the beginning and debating alternative ideas as works-in-progress, the final agreed direction has shared ownership."

The 'What If' campaign will be launched on the 3 April 2001, utilising print, press, taxi backs, train platforms and metrolights to a total advertising spend of $1.4 million.