The Commonwealth Bank Financial Markets launches Money Markets online

29 August 2001

The Commonwealth Bank Financial Markets today launched Money Markets online through ecommcorporate, the most comprehensive financial markets transactional website in Australia.

"The launch of ecommcorporate’s Money Markets module enables clients to manage a range of investments online including cash accounts, bank bills and term deposits. It is yet another step towards ensuring that Australian can maximise the benefits of managing their basic financial markets needs online." said Peter Prowse, Global Head of ecommerce Commonwealth Bank Financial Markets.

ecommcorporate now offers comprehensive FX functionality, Payments, Money Markets and Secondary Market Securities (Bonds and Commercial Paper) online. In addition the site offers, research, news, calculators and analytical tools.

"The Money Markets module enables clients to invest in Bank Bills and Term Deposits, specify maturity instructions and manage their Money Market portfolios online. It offers clients a fast and flexible way of managing day to day investments," Mr Prowse said.

Commenting on future developments on ecommcorporate Mr Prowse said, "We will also be introducing, FX Options and a number of risk management and portfolio analysis tools over the coming months".