Commonwealth Bank and NCR Roll Out Digital Imaging System Nationwide

23 July 2002

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia leads the industry with new digital imaging capability for cheques and vouchers. The revolutionary ImageMark™ technology, developed by NCR, scans paper items and stores them as digital images retrievable via web browser.

The Bank, in partnership with NCR, EDS Australia, Candle and TCNZA, accomplished the complex, large-scale implementation in record time, replacing legacy information technology platforms with a state-of-the-art system that captures and stores the images of 1.5 million items a day.

General Manager Retail Operations, Ron Logan said: ’We are very happy with the ImageMark™ platform we built. We have created a multibank imaging and archiving capability that has robust capacity beyond our own needs. To this end we are considering various opportunities to leverage it.

‘Web-enabled customer service and workflow is the way of the future. It delivers efficiencies across a range of complex functions at the same time enhancing our services to our customers.’

Since ‘go live’ date on April 28 this year, the archive now contains more than 38 million images ready for instant retrieval. Images stored in the next seven years are expected to top 2.5 billion.

The seven-month rollout, beginning in Sydney and finishing in Darwin, was of an unprecedented scale and presented unique challenges. The Director of NCR’s Payment Solutions Division, South Pacific Area, Brian Josephson, said: ‘This is the largest implementation of our imaging technology in the Asia-Pacific region. It was our first implementation in Australia and it was extremely successful. It was also the most ambitiously timed customer rollout ever seen in this part of the world.’

The project team delivered the new system to an extremely tight schedule without customer impacts, coordinating complex hardware and software requirements across multiple technology vendors. ’This project is a good example of EDS’ ability to operate as a systems integrator. With Candle Corporation and NCR, undertaking a highly complex integration of inputs and outputs, we were able to deliver a superior solution for the Bank,’ said Jim Delooze, General Manager - Technology, Operations and Procurement, EDS-Commonwealth Bank Business.

The Bank is Australia's largest bank processor of cheques. From the outset the new system had to cope with significant volumes and tight deadlines.

The project delivers several million dollars a year in savings to the organisation. Replacing manual data entry with imaging promises shorter processing times for cheques and vouchers, and electronic archiving cuts retrieval times from several days to one.

With the Bank’s web-enabled customer service teams getting faster access to better quality information, customers can expect to experience faster answers to their queries.

About Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank Group is one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated financial services including retail, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, general and life insurance, broking services and finance company activities. With more than 135,000 outlets, the Bank services 10 million customers with more than two and a half million customers accessing online facilities through NetBank, CommSec and other online funds management and business banking services.

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