Superannuation expert helps to unravel super maze on DollarsandSense website

2 June 2003

Starting today, Colonial First State’s superannuation specialist Peter Hogan will be the DollarsandSense website forum guest to help students and young adults understand the importance of super for their future.

What is Superannuation? As a student or someone entering the workforce with varied priorities such as paying rent, HECs fees or buying your first car, you may ask yourself, why think about super at my age?

The answer is, now is the right time and Peter Hogan thinks students should seriously consider super for the following reasons.

"To achieve your long term goals, you should start a regular savings program that fits within your budget. Superannuation offers one of the biggest opportunities to secure your financial future and retirement and is really just another form of saving" says Peter.

"Working out how much money you will need to access in retirement is a personal decision. Not only is the amount of money you need dependent upon your own lifestyle choices, but you may have a range of income options in retirement, such as part-time work or payments from other investments, which can supplement your retirement income" continues Peter.

Peter Hogan has over 17 years experience in superannuation. In his role as Head of Technical Services for Colonial First State Investments, he consults to government and industry groups and is an active contributor to the development of government policy and regulations across the financial services industry.

To ask Peter questions or to add a comment, young people are invited to log on to the DollarsandSense forum until 15 June. is a website developed by the Commonwealth Bank to help young people develop money management skills. The website offers concise, objective, and practical information about a range of money matters.

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