Commonwealth Bank staff generate $119,469 for Breast Cancer Research

5 March 2003

Commonwealth Bank staff today presented a cheque totalling $119,469 to the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) representing staff sales of BCIA’s 2003 Australian Women’s Health Diary, along with a $70,000 major sponsorship donation from the Bank.

The cheque was presented by CBA staff from the University of Newcastle branch to Professor John Forbes, Medical Director of the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) and National Group Co-ordinator of the Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZ BCTG).

This year CBA staff purchased a record number of diaries – 7,110 in total.

David Murray, CEO Commonwealth Bank said, "The Commonwealth Bank is proud of its long term support of medical causes for the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer related research. Research into cancers and their treatments continues to provide hope for all Australians. The Commonwealth Bank and its staff want to help the BCIA fight against breast cancer and have shown this by their strong support."

The CBA and its staff have played an important role in the success of the diary since its first edition in 1999.

Professor Forbes said, "We are sincerely appreciative of the ongoing support from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and its staff for our national breast cancer research programs.

"Research is making progress in the fight against breast cancer – over 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at its earliest stage can go on to lead healthy and happy lives after treatment. The financial support we receive from the Commonwealth Bank is of great value to us in accelerating our progress, and this impacts on the lives of all women", Professor Forbes said.

Ms Linda Wilson, Branch Manager of the CBA University of Newcastle branch said: "It is wonderful for Bank staff to contribute such a substantial amount to an institution which carries out valuable and successful research into a disease which affects 1 in 12 women."

"We have joined the fight against breast cancer simply by purchasing the diary. Our staff, family and friends have used the diary as a reference for women’s health issues and as a tool for self help", said Ms Wilson.

The Australian Women’s Health Diary is a fundraising initiative of the BCIA to help provide an ongoing source of funding for the national breast cancer research programs of the ANZ BCTG.

The ANZ BCTG, proudly based at the University of Newcastle in the NBN Telethon Mater Institute, is Australia’s national research body dedicated to the cure and prevention of breast cancer through quality clinical trials research.