Introducing CommServe Financial Limited A New Name for CMG Asia Pensions and Retirement Limited

30 May 2003

The Commonwealth Bank Group (the Group) today announced that, beginning June 2003, CMG Asia Pensions and Retirement Limited will be renamed CommServe Financial Limited. Based in Hong Kong, CommServe is part of the Group’s International Financial Services Division.

The new name symbolises CommServe’s commitment to delivering pensions services that are independent, efficient, professional and client-focused. It also highlights CommServe’s desire to strengthen its position as the leading provider of third-party pensions administration services.

The CommServe name is supported by a new logo that echoes the Group’s corporate identity. And while CMG Asia Pensions and Retirement may have a new brand, its management, staff, office locations and contact details remain unchanged.

With over 15 years’ local experience, CommServe is Hong Kong’s largest third-party pensions administrator servingwith 240,000 members.t CommServe administers assets of over HK$10 billion, in more than 150 constituent funds from 16 fund houses.

The Commonwealth Bank Group is Australia’s No. 1 pensions provider, No. 1 fund manager, No. 1 insurer, and one of the country’s two largest banks.

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