Commonwealth Bank - Security alert

30 May 2003

The Commonwealth Bank today warned customers to be wary of any emails received which indicate that the Bank has been trying to contact them in relation to unclaimed funds being held.

The Bank has become aware of a hoax email purported to come from it, which asks customers to contact a telephone number. These emails have not been issued by the Bank. The Bank does not contact customers by email when dealing with unclaimed funds.

Under no circumstances should customers provide any details of bank accounts or other personal information to unknown people or organisations. They should delete the email. It is not from the Commonwealth Bank.

The Bank said that none of its systems had been compromised and that it was working with relevant authorities to identify persons behind this attempt to deceive its customers.

For further information, please contact:
Bryan Fitzgerald
General Manager Media and Community
Commonwealth Bank
Telephone (02) 9378 2663