Commonwealth Bank’s “Easter Money” Tips For Banking And Shopping

6 April 2004

The Commonwealth Bank has compiled the following "Easter Money" tips for banking, making payments and shopping over the busy Easter period.

Branch Banking Tips

Avoid peak hours:
Easter is a very busy financial and shopping period. Save time by doing your necessary bank branch business around 10am or perhaps after lunch, say between 2pm and 3pm. Avoid the peaks of lunchtime and when the branch first opens or is about to close.

Do it now, before Easter:
Try to do any non essential branch banking before the Easter rush (now).

Be prepared when you join a branch queue:
Know what you want to do at the branch, and have everything ready for the service staff you'll be dealing with. Make it easier and faster for yourself and others by filling out any forms, slips or documents before joining the queue or complete them while in the queue, so you’re ready when you reach the teller.

Alternatives to branch banking

Use electronic banking, EFTPOS and deposit boxes to save time and money:
There are many ways to pay bills, transfer money, check account details, withdraw cash etc - use NetBank, BPay, or the telephone for self-service banking and payments for electricity, water, council rates, phone, rent, insurance etc, and use ATMs or EFTPOS to get cash.

Shop and withdraw cash via EFTPOS in the one transaction, so reducing the number of transactions and avoiding the need to queue twice.

Use the secure quick deposit boxes for depositing cheques. You won't have to wait in a queue and staff will process the cheques after branch hours.

A Final Tip

Spread the Easter spirit – it’s a busy time for all and the bigger crowds create queues everywhere, not just in banks - be patient, think ahead.