CommSec Analyst Helps Students Make Sense of the Share Market on the DollarsandSense Website Forum

10 February 2004

If you are a High School student studying economics, commerce or business, and are confused about the share market, you are invited to visit two fun and interactive websites this month where CommSec Equities Analyst, Tom Piotrowski, has the answers for you.

"The share market is important, but its not something students generally learn about at school," said Tom Piotrowski.

"The DollarsandSense website Forum and the new Pi website provide students with a fun and interactive experience, which clearly explains what the share market is, and how the millions of shares each day are traded on the Australian Stock Exchange," said Tom.

Tom Piotrowski is a Market Analyst, who provides market updates on TV for CommSec, Australia’s most popular online stockbroking Service.

To ask Tom the following questions, or any other questions about the share market, log onto Forum or visit the new Youth Pi website to view the marketwrap web video and information about winning a range of exciting prizes.

How are share prices determined?

What is a Bear market?

What is a listed company?

What happens when a share is traded?

Explain the All Ords?

DollarsandSense is a website developed by the Commonwealth Bank to help young people develop money management skills.  The website offers concise, objective, and practical information about a range of money matters.

DollarsandSense is part of the Commonwealth Bank’s 70 year commitment to developing the Financial Literacy skills of young Australians. This also includes the newly formed Commonwealth Bank Foundation, established to fund developments in education and Financial Literacy.