Commonwealth Bank rolls out new customer service platform in Tasmania

13 February 2004

The Deputy Premier and Minister for Economic Development, the Hon Paul Lennon, joined senior executives of the Commonwealth Bank today to officially launch the deployment of the Bank’s new customer service IT system, called CommSee, ahead of its nationwide rollout over the next two to three years.

The Bank Group Executive, Premium Financial Services, Mike Katz, said CommSee was a vital part of the Which new Bank transformation process announced in September 2003. "CommSee will underpin our fulfilment of three main customer needs – know me, deliver what I want, and do it reliably," Mr Katz said.

"To deliver this experience we have developed a 21st century customer service solution. We needed to embed our visions of customer service excellence in our IT systems, and this is what we have done.

"CommSee will enable Bank staff to access a single view of the customer: including all accounts the customer holds and the status of recent interactions the customer has had with the Bank. This will enable our front-line staff to better understand our customers and to provide a service that best meets that customer’s needs."

Mr Katz said that CommSee was based on an IT solution developed internally to service the Bank’s high-end personal banking clients. The Bank took this system and developed it to meet the needs of our broader customer base.

After a Bank-wide competition, it was named CommSee, which stands for Service Excellence Everyday. In parallel to the rollout, the Bank is streamlining its internal procedures to make servicing customers easier.

"So this week, the initial version of the new system was launched in Tasmania," he said. "Tasmania was chosen because it is the perfect mix of rural, regional and metropolitan sites. This initial deployment will enable us to ensure the system meets our customer and staff requirements before rolling it out to the rest of the Bank around Australia."

The Bank is going live with CommSee across the State by geography and branch. The Southern Sites went live between 2 and 13 February, and the Northern Sites will follow between 16 and 27 February 2004.

Ultimately, the Tasmanian launch of CommSee will extend to all 43 branches, service centres and agencies, including call centres, with direct links to other divisions in the Bank. This deployment will involve over 250,000 customers who own or co-own over 350,000 accounts.

The deployment of CommSee continues a strong relationship between Tasmania and the Bank, which has included the creation of hundreds of jobs with the establishment of call centres in Hobart and Launceston; and the support of education initiatives such the Centre of Excellence in Online Leaning ($4m), the University of Tasmania ($3m) and the Communities Online network ($1.5m).

As well as simplifying its processes, the Bank is also upgrading and refurbishing every one of its 1000 branches - including 120 branches this financial year – to provide a more welcoming retail environment. The Bank recently committed to maintaining the number of branches at current levels.

Further Information

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Group Corporate Relations
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The Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s most accessible bank with its leading branch, ATM and EFTPOS networks and NetBank online facilities. It is committed to maintaining its current number of branches (some 200 more than its nearest competitor).