Commonwealth Bank's Christmas tips for banking and shopping

20 December 2005

Traditionally, the lead up to Christmas is one of the Commonwealth Bank’s busiest times for both its branch and electronic networks. To assist its customers, the Bank has compiled the following tips for banking, payments and shopping over this busy period.

Branch Banking Tips

  • Avoid the busy periods of lunchtime and when the branch is opening or about to close; try going to the branch around 10am or perhaps after lunch, say between 2pm and 3pm.
  • Try to do any non-essential branch banking before the last-minute Christmas Eve rush.
  • When using branch facilities, remember other people will be in a hurry too. Know what you want to do at the branch, and have everything ready for the teller or customer service staff you'll be dealing with.

Alternatives to branch banking

  • There are many ways to pay bills, transfer money, check account details, withdraw cash etc – use NetBank, BPay, or the telephone for self-service banking and payments for electricity, water, council rates, phone, rent, insurance etc, and use ATMs or EFTPOS to get cash.
  • Shop and withdraw cash via EFTPOS in the one transaction, so reducing the number of transactions and avoiding the need to queue twice.

Use the secure quick deposit boxes for depositing cheques. It’s quick and easy.

Security Tips

  • Keep your credit or debit card in sight during every transaction.
  • Keep your PIN secret and secure. Memorise the PIN, never keep it with your card and don’t tell anyone your PIN (not even a Bank representative).
  • EFTPOS receipts should be kept secure. Destroy them if not needed.
  • When using your credit card to make purchases via the Internet, only deal with well known/reputable companies. Make sure that a padlock symbol appears in the right hand bottom corner of the web site indicating a secure operating environment.
  • Ensure that no one can observe you entering your PIN when using an ATM.
  • If you are concerned that an ATM has been tampered with, do not use it and advise the nearest Commonwealth Bank branch or call our customer service centre on 13 2221.
  • Do not use computers in public places for banking.

A Final Tip

Spread the Christmas spirit – we wish all of our customers a merry Christmas.


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