Commonwealth Bank statement on off-shoring

9 October 2006

The Commonwealth Bank wants to reassure its customers that it retains all of their information on-shore and has a strict privacy code in place to protect the integrity of the information.

The Bank does not off-shore any of its processing or call centre operations, maintaining a dedicated and efficient workforce in Australia to undertake these duties.

The Bank has, in the past, undertaken evaluation work on off-shoring but has chosen not to proceed at this time.  The Commonwealth Bank is focussed on providing improved customer service at a lower cost, but is mindful of its position as an iconic Australian company.

Whilst off-shoring is not currently on the Bank’s agenda, research undertaken within the Bank indicates that there may be a labour shortage looming in Australia in the next 5 to 10 years.  The Bank will continue to prepare for this by keeping all opportunities under review, including developing people policies to ensure it is able to attract and retain staff in Australia.

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