Childrens Cancer Institute Australia wins out thanks to Australia’s netballers and Commonwealth Bank

20 August 2007

The Commonwealth Bank yesterday handed over a cheque for $33,890 to Children’s Cancer Institute Australia after the Sydney Swifts scored 45 goals in defeating the Melbourne Phoenix in the final of this year’s Commonwealth Bank Trophy.

The Bank had pledged $10 for every goal scored by the winning team with the tally standing at $32,220 going into the weekend’s final series after all of the winners this year had tallied 3,222 goals.

The winning teams in the two semi finals plus the Swifts’ 45 points in the final increased the number of goals by 167, or $1,670.

Barbara Chapman, Commonwealth Bank Group Executive, said she hoped the Bank’s commitment to the CCIA had provided an extra incentive for the players to score as many goals as possible.

"The Bank has supported Children’s Cancer Institute Australia for almost ten years and we continue to be inspired by the dedication, commitment and passion of the people within the organisation and the progress they’ve made with their research," Ms Chapman said.

"By combining this fund raising effort with our support for netball, it’s added a fun dimension to overcoming this disease."

Executive Chairman of the Institute, Joe Collins accepted the cheque and gave an insight into just what $33,890 would provide.

"The Commonwealth Bank donation will help us to purchase a VICTOR3 plate reader, "he said.

"The reader will help track a particular protein molecule called EBBP.

"The VICTOR3 will be extremely valuable for tracking this molecule and determining how it is affecting cancer cells by interacting with other molecules. This will help lead to breakthroughs in understand how cancer works and grows" Mr Collins said.


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