Commonwealth Bank ready for pen or pin

2 June 2008

The Commonwealth Bank has welcomed the finance industry initiative to introduce the use of PINs when transacting with a credit card and has declared it is 100% ready.

The official start date is this Wednesday the 4th of June and the Bank says it will be ready to go, with all of its systems already upgraded.

It means customers will have the option of using a PIN to authorise a credit transaction at any one of the Bank’s 130,000 terminals throughout Australia.

The initiative represents a quicker and easier way to pay for holders of Commonwealth Bank MasterCards and Visa cards.

Customers who know their PINs key in the number when the EFTPOS terminal prompts them to insert a PIN.

Customers who do not know their PINs simply need to attend a Commonwealth Bank branch to have a new PIN activated or call 132221 and a PIN will be mailed out.

Using a PIN for credit transactions is not compulsory and customers are still able to exercise the option to sign to authorise a transaction.

The choice to sign or key in a PIN remains the prerogative of the cardholder.

For further information about using a PIN with a Commonwealth Bank MasterCard or Visa card go to


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For more information, contact:

Michael Gleeson
Commonwealth Bank
Phone: (02) 9378 5965 / Mobile: 0400 096 924