Commonwealth Bank removes foreign ATM access fees & adds more than 700 ATMs nationally

The Commonwealth Bank today announced that it would not be charging a foreign ATM access fee to its customers who use a non-Commonwealth Bank ATM in Australia.

The Commonwealth Bank’s move to roll back the foreign ATM access fee is in line with the introduction of ATM Direct Charging on 3 March.

In addition, the Bank has announced that its ATM network will be bolstered by a further 700 Bankwest ATMs when its reciprocal ATM arrangement with Bankwest is also activated on 1 March.

“This is great news for Commonwealth Bank account holders as they will now have access to more than 4,000 ATMs, the largest network of any bank nationally,” the Bank’s Group Executive Retail Banking Services, Ross McEwan said.

“Adding another 700 ATMs reinforces the Bank’s position as the most accessible and convenient Bank in Australia.

“While we are removing foreign ATM access fees for our customers, they will be subject to a direct charge by the ATM owner when they use another organisation’s ATM. Our customers can avoid Direct Charges by using any one of the 4,000 Commonwealth Bank or Bankwest ATMs across the country.”

From 3 March 2009, a message will appear on the ATM screen showing how much the ATM owner will charge the cardholder to use the foreign ATM.

The cardholder will then be asked whether he or she wants to continue or cancel the transaction. If the cardholder decides to continue, the ATM owner’s direct charge will be taken out of the account at the time of the transaction. If the cardholder decides to cancel, no fee applies.



For more information contact:

Steve Batten

Commonwealth Bank

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