Get the most out of your home loan – Commonwealth Bank reveals home loan saving tips

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9 March 2010:  While many Australians spend time choosing the right home loan when they purchase a property, many home owners have a tendency to ‘set and forget’ once they move in.  With this in mind, Commonwealth Bank has revealed its top tips for home owners to protect themselves from moving market forces and save money on their home loan.

According to James Sheffield, General Manager Mortgage Wealth, Commonwealth Bank, there are a number of simple steps home owners can take to uncover cost savings on their home loan.

“It’s natural over the time of your home loan that the market and your individual circumstances will change, so it makes sense to review how your home loan is set up on a regular basis.

“For example, it can be as simple as paying fortnightly rather than monthly or making additional repayments when you can afford to.  By reviewing your home loan repayment strategy, you can potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars which will ultimately help you pay your home loan off sooner,” said Mr Sheffield.

“Commonwealth Bank is offering customers a free home loan health check which will show home owners how they can save money on their home loan and it only takes 15 minutes.” 

The Commonwealth Bank has revealed its handy hints on uncovering home loan cost savings.

Top tips to saving money on your home loan*

  • Make fortnightly or weekly repayments instead of monthly. With 26 fortnights every year, this is equivalent to making an extra month’s payment each year – helping you to build equity in your home and pay off your loan sooner.
  • Make larger or lump sum repayments which will not only build equity in your home, but also reduce your loan term and save on interest (check the terms and conditions of your loan regarding early repayment or lump sum payments).
  • If you are concerned about volatile interest rates, consider splitting your home loan (part fixed, part variable) while still enjoying the flexibility that a variable rate offers.
  • Use an offset account.  Deposit your income and savings into an offset account, the money in your account is then offset against what you owe on your home loan, thus reducing the interest that you pay.  What’s more, an offset account is also a tax effective way to reduce you home loan as your interest paid on your savings is tax free!
  • Pay your salary or other income directly into your loan account. With a regular line of credit you can reduce your loan balance and build equity at the same time.
  • Avoid bank fees.  Commonwealth Bank customers with $50,000 or more remaining on their home loan can benefit from fee-free banking on a Debit MasterCard or Streamline account (saving up to $72 a year).
  • Align your loan repayments with when you are paid.  Set up your home loan repayments with the same regularity as when you get paid. By structuring repayments this way, you will always be in a position to maximise the amount of money paid against your home loan.
  • Manage your home loan online.  Commonwealth Bank customers can manage their home loan in NetBank – not only do you have instant access to your loan details, but you can also mange your repayments.
* Note not all saving tips are available on all home loan types.

Free Home Loan Health Check

Commonwealth Bank is offering customers a free home loan health check – a 15 minute discussion, aimed at fine-tuning a customer’s home loan and uncovering any potential ways to save money and time.

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