The Votes Are In: Results of Community Seeds Campaign Announced

  • $175,000 allocated among six community organisations 

6 July 2011, Sydney: Commonwealth Bank has announced the results of its latest community support initiative, Community Seeds, which provided six grassroots community organisations with vital funding through the simple act of people voting for them on the Commonwealth Bank Facebook page.

The winning organisation, raising an impressive $40,100 worth of Facebook votes, is HeartKids, the only organisation in Australia solely focussed on all aspects of childhood heart disease, the biggest killer of children aged five and under in Australia.

In essence, the Community Seeds program allowed any Australian with a Facebook account to pledge $5 of the Bank’s money to one of the six participating organisations. Commonwealth Bank had a pool of $150,000 to be split between the organisations, with the idea being that no matter where they stood on the leaderboard at the end of the campaign, each organisation would walk away with a vital boost to their funding.

In addition to the $40,100, HeartKids will also be awarded a further $20,000 for being the organisation with the most votes, bringing their total prize donation from Commonwealth Bank to $60,100.

Fiona Glenn, National Corporate Sponsorship Manager, explains how these funds will help the organisation:

“Our ultimate objective is to reduce the incidence and decrease mortality rates of Childhood Heart Disease. We have resources and structures in place to provide emotional support to families living with childhood heart disease, but one massive challenge is to provide assistance with the associated financial stresses. Many families have to travel interstate for their child’s treatment and can be away from home for months at a time. The funds raised by Community Seeds will help us contribute to the travel and accommodation costs for families around the country thus taking some of the load from their shoulders.”

Community Seeds, being built specially for Facebook, also had a viral component, which encouraged people to spread the initiative through their newsfeeds. Those who then participated by clicking through a friend’s newsfeed helped that friend to be crowned as the most ‘influential’ campaigner, winning them $5,000 and an additional $5,000 donation for their chosen organisation.

Ashley Chan, from Melbourne, has been awarded this title. Ashley campaigned vigorously for his selected organisation, A Start in Life, helping raise the organisation’s total to $28,390. Ashley explains why A Start in Life is important to him:

“All six organisations do incredible work and it was hard to choose one. However, for me, A Start in Life stood out. By providing underprivileged kids with a good education, the individual child’s life can take a turn for the better and the wider community benefits in the long term. I'm glad that regardless of my influence, each organisation got a good share of the donation pool and ultimately will benefit greatly from this initiative.”

The organisations will now be awarded funds from the Commonwealth Bank, based on their number of votes:

HeartKids: $60,100 ($40,100 in Facebook votes + $20,000 winner award)

  • A Start in Life: $28,390 ($23,390 in Facebook votes + $5,000 influencer award)
  • Alzheimer’s Australia: $23,775
  • Bowel Cancer Australia: $21,925
  • SANE Australia: $20,630
  • OzHarvest: $20,180

Commonwealth Bank Group Executive, Ross McEwan, comments:

“Commonwealth Bank has a long tradition and significant presence in supporting Australian communities. We are delighted that this innovative program has provided six such inspirational Australian organisations with funds that will actually make a difference within the wider community.”


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