More ways to manage your cash with new generation of ATMs


Media release

CommBank can

Media release

More ways to manage your cash with new generation of ATMs

  • 3,500 ATMs to be refreshed across Australia
  • Personal and business deposits available in real time, 24 hours a day
  • World leading security technology across network
  • New hardware to future proof ATMs for ongoing technology innovations

29 October 2012: Commonwealth Bank has announced its significant ATM replacement and refresh program is underway, with over 1,260 ATMs already refreshed across the nation, including 40 new deposit ATMs.

The program, which began earlier this year and is being rolled out with partners ITS/Armaguard Group and Wincor Nixdorf, offers customers a more seamless and personalised ATM experience, enabling more control over how and when they access and manage their money.

ATMs play an important role for everyday cash needs, with up to $115 million withdrawn and one million transactions processed on the Commonwealth Bank ATM network daily. Michael Cant, Executive General Manager Retail Products and Customers, Commonwealth Bank, believes the ATM network revamp is the latest way the Bank is making banking easier, convenient and personalised for Australians.

“Each Australian has different needs when it comes to banking. From mobile payments and online banking, to our ATM network revamp, Commonwealth Bank is committed to offering our customers a variety of ways to conveniently access and manage their money across different channels. We’re also introducing a range of features, to ensure that our customers can have a more personalised ATM experience.  

“Our investment in core banking is designed to give Australians more control over their money, and the ATM refresh is the latest testament to this,” said Mr Cant.



  • Real time deposits, 24 hours a day: The new deposit ATM function1 will make it easier for small business and personal customers to bank at a time that best suits them, with cash deposits made available in the customer’s account in real time, 24 hours a day. This will provide small businesses with greater control over their cash flow, while personal customers will benefit from the increased flexibility outside of branch opening hours. This new function will also allow customers to see cheque deposits appear in their account balance in real time (three business day clearance will apply).
  • Greater peace of mind on every transaction: The next generation of ATMs will give Australians world class protection from ATM security threats, with new technology to prevent ATM fraud, including card skimming. This technology is already proven at POS, and the Bank is the first major bank in Australia to rollout the new EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) standard for chip-enabled cards on its ATM terminals.
  • Personalising the ATM experience: Australians can now access their money faster than ever before with the Favourite Withdrawal feature, making transactions faster.
  • Out-of-service ATM locator: On the rare occasions that one of our ATMs is out-of-service the ATM will display the four nearest ATMs.
  • Increased accessibility for more customers: Six new languages are being introduced to all ATMs including Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean and Greek. 
  • New audio support functions will also be available for vision-impaired customers.

As part of the ATM network revamp, Commonwealth Bank has installed hardware, which future proofs the ATM network, ensuring the Bank can easily enable future ATM technology innovations.  

“We have used hardware which will enable us to easily and quickly make additional updates to our fleet moving forward. As consumers readily embrace social and mobile banking, we know the future of ATMs will incorporate these technologies. We look forward to implementing this, when there is customer demand for them,” said Mr Cant. 

Commonwealth BANK’s ATM fast facts

  • The average withdrawal amount is $200.
  • The average ATM withdrawal should normally take 35 seconds to complete.
  • At peak time Commonwealth Bank ATMs can perform over 80 transactions per hour.
  • The peak seasons for transactions are Easter and Christmas. However, Christmas Day is generally the lowest transacting day of the year.
  • Commonwealth Bank Group has Australia’s largest proprietary ATM network, which after Bankwest ATMs are included, totals over 4,100 machines.
  • 75 per cent of transactions are conducted between the hours of 7am - 7pm. The busiest hours are 12 noon - 1pm.
  • The busiest day on the Commonwealth Bank ATM network was 24 December 2008 – with 1.62 million transactions completed over the day.

Editor’s note: The ATM revamp program is currently in progress across the country. The above functionality is available in selected locations now and more broadly in 2013. ATM replacements will be completed in 2015.  For more information please visit


1 This deposit function will be available at 150 selected branch ATMs by 30 June  2013. These ATMs will be in high-traffic areas, across Australia. 



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