Commonwealth Bank response to Choice Magazine article on customer satisfaction

12 November 2002

The Australian Consumers’ Association has today released details of a survey they have conducted on customer satisfaction amongst financial institutions.

The survey indicated that the position of the Commonwealth Bank had deteriorated over the past year.

In response to the survey results, the Bank recognised the importance of customer service and getting it right for all customers. In this regard, Mr Hugh Harley, Group Executive, Retail Banking Services acknowledges that improvements in the level of service provided is a major priority.

Mr Harley said, "Our aim is to provide high quality services with choice of access that recognise and meet the lifetime financial needs of our customers. The recent decision to maintain branch numbers at 1,000 is one important step in improving customer relations".

Mr Harley added, "that he was keen to make sure that staff received the support necessary for them to provide the standard of service that they would like to provide for customers".

The Bank continually addresses all matters relating to customer service and has a range of programs in place to measure customer satisfaction over the full range of services offered by the Bank.

"We will continue to work with our customers and staff to introduce services, systems and standards that meet customer requirements", he added.