Bank takes steps to rectify CommSec waiting times

15 July 2003

CommSec acknowledges that some callers to 13 15 19 may have experienced delays due to call congestion as a result of the TD Waterhouse integration.

The Bank apologises for any delays encountered and assures our clients of our continuing efforts to further reduce any telephone waiting times.

CommSec has taken action to reduce waiting times by reconfiguring our telephone resources, increasing the number of trading staff receiving telephone calls to 65 (an increase of around 40%) and by providing alternative client access via email (

The vast majority (about 98%) of sharetrading occurs via the Internet, and this service has not been affected by delays. Only approximately 2% of trades are made by telephone, and not all calls to this number relate to trading.

We’d also like to reassure clients that the recent merger with TD Waterhouse is being successfully completed.