Letter to the Editor of AFR

16 December 2003

The Bank today forwarded the following Letter to the Editor of The Australian Financial Review to clarify its position in regard to an item that appeared in the "rear Window" section.

Dear Sir

I refer to an item that appeared in this morning’s Rear Window section of your paper under the headline "Murray a giver or a grinch" and would like to express disappointment that the Bank was not contacted to provide its position on this matter.

The CEO of the Bank, David Murray encourages open communication with staff at all levels and in all areas of the Bank. In fact, as well as undertaking regular visits to work centres, Mr Murray has established an email address and staff are encouraged to contact him direct with questions, suggestions or criticisms. David Murray responds to all mail received.

Given the existence of this feedback mechanism, it is surprising that the FSU spent its member’s money on what you describe as an "attention grabbing stunt".

Yours sincerely