Letter to the Editor of the West Australian

17 November 2003

The Editor
The West Australian
50 Hasler Rd
Osborne Park WA 6843
By Facsimile (08) 9482 3157

Dear Sir

Your article "Where do you turn in a row with your bank" published in this morning’s edition contained significant factual errors in its claims that the Commonwealth Bank received most complaints (1390) referred back by the Ombudsman (BFSO) and that 80.6 per cent of these complaints were resolved without further BFSO intervention.

In fact, the Bank resolved 1390 complaints. Furthermore, 89.6 per cent of complaints referred to us by the Ombudsman were resolved without further intervention. Using the correct figures, the Commonwealth Bank was the leading major bank according to this measure.

For the record, compared to the majors, the Bank resolved the most complaints escalated to the BFSO without the need for an investigation and we resolved our complaints quicker than our competitors. We are confident that initiatives implemented earlier this year by our Customer Relations team will continue these strong results, and would appreciate you publishing this correction.

Yours sincerely