Steve Price (2UE) apologises to staff at Blacktown Branch

19 March 2003

On Friday 14th March the Steve Price Breakfast Program (2UE) broadcast claims raised by a listener that staff at the Blacktown branch had ignored the pleas of an elderly woman allegedly assaulted and robbed within the branch.

The Bank responded on air by saying it would look into the matter.

Investigations by Blacktown police and the Bank found the allegations to have been a fabrication and completely false.

Steve Price subsequently broadcast the following apology to staff:

"This program is always prepared to acknowledge when it's wrong. Unlike some others in the business, I don't have a problem saying, ‘Sorry, we mucked that up. We made a mistake.’ Everyone makes mistakes and when we get conned we'll tell you.

"It appears on Friday that that happened. We received a fax alleging poor treatment of a Commonwealth Bank customer at Blacktown. The facts from a concerned daughter said that her Mum, her elderly Mum, had been robbed inside the Commonwealth Bank, had cash snatched from her hand as she collected her pension. She was 73 and her plight immediately struck a cord with our audience.

"To their credit, the Commonwealth Bank immediately responded and promised to investigate.

"They now have, and it appears the story, as told by the woman to her daughter, was not correct.

"I'm sorry if we've offended anyone inside the Blacktown branch."