On the record 2004

15 December 2004
Letter to AFR re Colonial/CFS Purchase Price

29 November 2004
Letter to the AFR about misleading headline

20 September 2004
Letter to the AFR about a comment incorrectly attributed to the CEO

20 September 2004
Letter to the AFR about comments by an unnamed analyst

20 September 2004
Letter to The Australian about CEO comments on ALP policy

26 August 2004
Bank responds to ABC's 7:30 Report on Business Banking

17 August 2004
The Bank restates its commitment to regional NSW

12 August 2004
Bank rejects inaccurate SMH heading

10 August 2004
Tasmanian print media exaggerates the effects of union action

4 August 2004
Branches remain open

30 July 2004
All branches remain open

29 July 2004
The Bank's public response to FSU stoppages

29 July 2004
The CEO responds to the editor of the Business Review Weekly

29 July 2004
The Chairman's response to Business Review Weekly

27 July 2004
Bank responds to FSU's unspecified claims of staff 'intimidation'

21 July 2004
Bank adopts Amendments to the Code of Banking Practice

2 July 2004
Misleading Financial Review Headline

30 June 2004
Commonwealth Bank Statement in response to Analyst Report of 28 June 2004

30 June 2004
The Bank publishes the following detailed information on its remuneration packages for staff covered by its EBA.

29 June 2004
Bank's response to the Victorian Supreme Court judgment against Financial Wisdom

22 June 2004
SMH columnist wrong on Student Banking

21 June 2004
Four months notice given to credit card customers of changes in Awards program

18 June 2004
The Commonwealth Bank responds to claims made by the Consumers’ Federation of Australia

11 June 2004
The Bank's response to the ASIC report on the Financial Planning Industry

11 June 2004
Bank confirms its presence in North Ryde

8 June 2004
Media misreport name of fraud target

29 April 2004
Bank responds to article in the West Australian

5 April 2004
Bank responds to 60 Minutes over two-tier marketing

22 March 2004
Letter to The Australian newspaper re David Tweed

3 March 2004
Bank responds to letter on Internet security published in The Age and SMH

26 February 2004
Bank Corrects Statement Made on ABC Television Program Four Corners

13 February 2004
Bank clarifies position on final date for purchase of shares to be entitled to buy-back franking credits

23 January 2004
The Bank's position in relation to recent disclosures by NAB