Response to A Current Affair

5 September 2006

The Commonwealth Bank has today forwarded a response to A Current Affair following the misrepresentation of the Bank’s position in relation to it opening an appeal account for its customer Mr Alf Dunkley.

The Commonwealth Bank did not refuse to start up a trust fund to help Mr Dunkley, as claimed by A Current Affair in its program of 1 September 2006.

The events that transpired are:

The Bank was approached by A Current Affair requesting establishment of an appeal account to collect donations to assist the customer at around 12.30 pm on Friday 1 September.

The Bank’s initial response was that under NSW law, the account cannot be established simply and that the Bank would make investigations to help out.

In the ensuing hour, conversations were conducted to determine how the Bank could assist. The outcome was that the Bank would set up the account, but, as per NSW Trustee law, two signatories need to be provided to act as trustees for the account and oversee the funds and that these trustees could not be Commonwealth Bank employees.

A Current Affair was contacted at approximately 2.15pm on Friday and advised how the account could be established. The program advised that they would come back to the Bank later in the afternoon. At approximately 4.30pm on Friday afternoon, a voicemail message was left by A Current Affair saying that they would not be proceeding to set the account up.

As you can see from the above, the claims made by A Current Affair were untrue.

The Bank has contacted A Current Affair requesting a retraction and apology.


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