Letter to the Daily Telegraph in response to a published letter on improved banking services

19 January 2006

The Editor
The Daily Telegraph
61 Kippax Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Dear Sir

In response to the letter "Slow Transactions" published yesterday, the Commonwealth Bank would like to clarify that we have removed the need for deposit and withdrawal forms to make banking easier for our customers, and it was a move that many of our customers told us was well overdue.

While some branches did experience some initial delays when the forms were first removed, these were overcome as staff and customers became familiar with the new process. Indeed, in many branches, we have seen reductions in queue times since the removal of the forms.

The new process also ensures greater accuracy for our customers who can see that a transaction has been properly processed before signing, as well as enhanced security by increasing scrutiny of potential fraudsters trying to operate in the branch.

Forms are still an option for those customers who prefer to use them, but so many of our customers have told us they are happy with the new and simplified transaction process that we really encourage our customers to give it a go.


Bryan Fitzgerald
General Manager, Media and Issues Management
Communication, Community and Reputation