Letter to the Editor of the Bulletin Magazine

20 January 2006

The Bank today forwarded the following letter to the Editor of the Bulletin Magazine protesting about the publication of a letter that is offensive to the Bank's staff:


Dear Sir

I feel I must write to express my sense of outrage at the way in which armed bank robbery has been glorified in your current edition.

I am at a loss to understand what has motivated you to give hero status to a convicted armed robber who spent a lifetime terrorising the banking industry’s customers and hard working staff.

I fail to understand where the public interest is served by publishing your cover story. I was sickened at Mr Matthews’ description of the adrenalin rush he felt as he carried out his crimes and appalled that you published his slanderous suggestion that the young woman who he forced to help him at the point of a gun would be shunned by her employer.

In truth, Australia’s banks do everything in their power to protect staff and customers and provide the utmost care, counselling and rehabilitation to people affected by such indiscriminate acts of urban terrorism. Thousands of bank employees and customers will have to live with the trauma of this for the rest of their lives.

Yours sincerely

Bryan Fitzgerald
General Manager, Media and Issues Management
Communication, Community and Reputation