Letter to the Editor of the Business Review Weekly

23 March 2006

The Bank today forwarded a Letter to the Editor of The Business Review Weekly correcting an error concerning the Bank's ongoing relationship with Woolworths

Dear Sir

I refer to an item that appeared in your edition of 23 March 2006 under the headline "ANZ shops at Woolworths" and would like to correct the error in reporting regarding the Commonwealth Bank’s relationship with Woolworths.

The Bank and Woolworths did not, as reported, disband their Ezy Bank venture.

What the Bank and Woolworths announced was a change in the exclusivity arrangements of the Ezy Banking alliance. In its joint statement to the ASX, both parties were clear that current Ezy Banking services will continue to be provided and there is no change in the services available to current Ezy Banking customers.

I would appreciate the correct position being reported to your readers.

Yours sincerely

Bryan Fitzgerald
General Manager, Media and Issues Management
Communication, Community and Reputation