Commonwealth Bank response to Gold Coast Bulletin / Channel Nine News story

8 November 2012

We are concerned when any of our customers raise a complaint about the level of service provided.  In the case of Mr Devereaux NO charge was applied to undertake his transaction.

This was simply a case of an inexperienced teller making a human error.  The teller involved mistakenly confused this transaction with a transaction where a fee is charged to non-customers of the Bank.  The Bank apologised to Mr Devereaux for the confusion.

The Bank has also since taken steps to ensure that the branch tellers are aware of the correct procedure.

The staff member was mistaken about the policy of coin counting for non-bank customers. This policy states that a fee of 10% will be charged when counting coins for non-bank customers, for a minimum of $10 counted.  This service is offered free for all Commonwealth Bank customers.