Commonwealth Bank Response to Ultimate Success (Fiji)

23 October 2012

Like most Australian companies, the Commonwealth Bank is committed to recognising and rewarding the outstanding work of its people, particularly those people in our branches, call centres, and processing areas.

It is these people that look after the needs of our customers every day.

In recognition of our people’s strong contribution to assisting our customers, enhancing our customer’s experience with the Bank and assisting the Group deliver financial services for millions of customers a small number of staff recently attended an event we call Ultimate Success.

Despite some representations of Ultimate Success being luxurious, our people participated in a range of programs including professional development conferences, a function to formally recognise their achievements, some leisure activity and what we’re most proud of, volunteer assistance at two local Fijian schools.

These two schools - Namaka and Mamala - provide services to children from grades 1 to 8 but don’t receive Government funding and rely on donations. We are proud that we could pay for and undertake much needed renovations with the help of our staff at Ultimate Success and that they donated gifts to the schools.

We believe, like most Australian companies, that it is important to offer staff reward and recognition opportunities as part of their development that are appropriate and we will continue to do so.

Our people providing much needed support for two schools in Fiji: