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Driving positive change

Opportunity Initiatives brings our corporate responsibility strategy to life, setting out our plan and long term targets on issues important to our stakeholders and to us. Our eight Opportunity Initiatives capture our focus on education, innovation and good business practice.

Through our education, financial and digital literacy programs, we can help people acquire the skills our economy and society needs. We can use our innovation capability to empower people, businesses and communities. By focusing on good business practice, we can use our influence and impact to support positive social, environmental and economic outcomes. Over time the number of initiatives may grow, or decrease, regardless they demonstrate how we are working to create sustainable long term value and drive positive change.

Our initiatives and our progress to date against our targets are set out below.

Opportunity from education


Teach children the value of money

Help teach children and young adults the value of saving and money management through our School Banking and Start Smart programs.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

More than 330,800 students participating in School Banking

346,000 students participating in School Banking in FY17

52% school students saving regularly (3 times + p.a.)*

54% school students saving regularly (3 times + p.a.) in FY17

More than 550,000 students enrolled in Start Smart in FY16 (1.9 million since 2009)

Additional 1.5 million students by 2018

Commence Indigenous student financial literacy program in partnership with AIME

10,000 Indigenous students completing financial literacy programs delivered  with AIME by 2020


Help prepare the workforce of the future

Invest in education, giving educators access to best practice, evidenced based insights and recognising excellence in evidence based teaching and school leadership

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

$16m+ investment in education

$16m+ investment in education in 2017

Two research projects funded via Learning Impact Fund ($880,000)

Expand research project contribution in FY17

Piloted Evidence for Learning Enterprise with 3000 teachers in partnership with Social Ventures Australia

Expand to engage 8000 teachers in FY17

15 Educators recognised through Education Awards program

Expand presence and impact of Education Awards in partnership with Australian Schools Plus

Opportunity from innovation


Use our innovation capability to empower people, businesses and communities

Develop innovative products and services that support better money management and financial inclusion. Create and invest in programs that support innovation in business.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

21,000 Indigenous customers supported through Indigenous Customer Assistance Line and other Indigenous banking initiatives

Ongoing reporting and development of new indicators of success

Community Business Finance team offering solutions specifically for Indigenous Australians

Money Transfer product enables communities in developing countries with limited access to banking services to transfer money home to support their families

Not For Profit banking services including reduced fees and tailored products

Migrant banking products and services

Klever Kash savings app and money box for children (ASB)

WISE app and Investment Series financial literacy program for women (Indonesia)

Student options including reduced fees and tailored products

Engaged more than 2400 businesses in our global Innovation Labs

Ongoing development of programs which support innovation
Release new Business Innovation Index

$15m invested in quantum computing

Ongoing quality outputs from partnerships

$1.6m invested in cyber security education

Established blockchain research and became founding member of the R3CEV blockchain consortium for research into blockchain technology

Opportunity from good business practice


Mirror our community’s diversity and role model Reconciliation

Develop strategies that build inclusive behaviours to encourage and leverage the unique contributions of employees and community members with diverse backgrounds.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

35.2% women EM level and above

40% women in Executive Manager and above positions by 2020

0.5% Indigenous Employees in CBA’s workforce

1.5% CBA’s workforce Indigenous by 2020

Match the cultural diversity of our senior leaders to the cultural diversity of the Australian population by 2020

Released Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Implement RAP actions

120 employees completed Indigenous cultural awareness training

Grow number of employees completing Indigenous cultural awareness training


Contribute to our communities

Support our employees to contribute their time and resources to local communities.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

$2m Staff Community Fund Grants supporting more than 220 community organisations

Release new workplace giving strategy in 2017

31,000 volunteering hours contributed to more than 260 community organisations by employees

$263m total community investment in the form of cash, time, foregone revenue and program implementation costs)


Listen to and balance stakeholder needs

Build transparent stakeholder engagement policies and processes to encourage ongoing open dialogue. Help our customers achieve financial wellbeing by evolving our approach to financial inclusion, supporting customers affected by hardship and ensuring our practices support balanced customer outcomes.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

Appointment of an independent advocate for customers

Creation of Group Customer Advocacy and Remediation team

Release Stakeholder Engagement policy

Reporting on stakeholder interactions introduced

Launch Ethics training in 2017

Launch overarching code of conduct in 2017

Release Financial Inclusion Action Plan in 2016

More than 18,670 customers supported with hardship assistance

Continue to support customers experiencing hardship

Developed a strategy to be part of a movement that ends domestic violence in a generation, including training more than 300 employees

Domestic Violence initiatives for employees, customers and the community ongoing implementation


Lend, invest and procure responsibly

Align sector specific lending processes and practices with our nine Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lending commitments. Evolve practices in line with our Responsible Investing framework. Evolve our approach to managing ESG risks and opportunities in our supply chain.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

Lending: Continuous disclosure of carbon profile; Equator Principles implementation and reporting; ESG toolkit and training rollout (almost 1,600 employees trained on ESG); Cleantech Fintech Working Group established

Progress the implementation of our nine ESG lending commitments and provide ongoing transparent disclosures. Continue to drive Cleantech Fintech innovations

Investing: More than 90 employees completed Responsible Investment training; CFSGAM’s external PRI benchmark assessment

Ongoing reporting of employees completing Responsible Investment training; CFSGAM's external PRI benchmark assessment

Procurement: ESG supply chain review completed 2016

Ongoing reporting of ESG issues identified in the supply chain


Play our role in limiting climate change to two degrees

Review the impact of our business in relation to climate change. Develop our position and identify opportunities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Deliver a leading sustainable property strategy and achieve best practice ratings.

Baseline: Jul 2015 - June 2016

Future Target 

Climate Change review complete and release position statement in 2017

Property strategy:

Property strategy:

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions (domestic operational control).

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions (domestic operational control).

Target of 2.9t CO2 per full time employee, p.a. was achieved with actual result of 2.7t CO2/FTE.

Target of 2.0t CO2 per full time employee, per year.

75% of NLA commercial offices NABERS rated

100% of NLA commercial offices NABERS rated

50% of NLA commercial offices Green Star rated

80% of NLA commercial offices Green Star rated

100% of new retail spaces built to 5 Star Green Star rating