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Viewpoint - Issue 4

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A different point of view

As Australia’s largest bank we have the ability to analyse more financial data than anyone else.

We use this data to gain first-hand insights into the wellbeing of the Australian economy and make it accessible to all Australians through Viewpoint. Viewpoint is an economic report that assesses the health of the nation, helping more Australians make informed financial decisions.

Almost half the nation chooses to bank with us, and our EFTPOS terminals, retail outlets and credit cards process 45% of all financial transactions every day. The insights we can draw from this level and scale of data put us in an advantageous position. It gives us a unique window into the financial wellbeing of the Australian community. Few reports match the breadth, depth or timeliness of this report.

Viewpoint acts as a barometer of the economic mood of the nation. It is a useful resource that consumers, governments and businesses alike can utilise to gain better financial insight.