CommBank PERLS X Capital Notes, also referred to as PERLS X, are perpetual, subordinated1, unsecured notes, issued by CBA.

Investments in CommBank PERLS X Capital Notes are an investment in CBA and may be affected by the ongoing performance, financial position and solvency of CBA. They are not deposit liabilities or protected accounts of CBA under the Banking Act.

PERLS X are listed on Australian Securities Exchange (code CBAPG). Distributions are scheduled to be paid quarterly. Download PERLS X Prospectus.

Please note that these documents are only available for your information. The PERLS X offer closed on 29 March 2018 and is no longer available for application.

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PERLS X distribution history

Ex-distribution date Record date Payment date Distribution paid
6 Sep 2018 7 Sep 2018 17 Sep 2018              $0.9632
6 Jun 2018  7 Jun 2018  15 Jun 2018               $0.7303 


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1 Holders of PERLS X rank after holders of Senior Ranking Obligations, creditors preferred by law and secured creditors. PERLS X rank equivalently to a preference share.