Conor Kikkert

Deception Bay, QLD

An avid trick performer, Conor has used his juggling skills to help those in Africa.

Brisbane School student, Conor Kikkert, started up juggling when he was only 10 years old. “Lately I learnt how to juggle five balls – which is extremely hard – and I’m going to do six balls.”

Unlike most kids, Conor uses his hobby to help those less fortunate. His goodwill started when he had to do a science project for school. “I chose different ways to treat water,” he says. “I did research into different countries and realised not everyone had clean water out of a tap like I do.”

Conor started looking into poverty in developing countries in Africa. “It’s really sad,” he says. “I felt that with my skills, I wanted to try and make a difference.”

Having earned money, busking at the local Redcliff Markets, Conor also won $100 juggling in a talent quest. “I decided to use it to help people in Africa improve their water,” he says. He also set up a website to help raise the money to upgrade four wells in communities in Zimbabwe.

“I get incredible emotional joy out of it – especially when I saw videos of some of the wells being put in.

“It feels like the right thing to do because I know I’m so lucky to have been brought up in Australia where we have schools, education, water taps, food and shops. In other countries they have none of that stuff we take for granted.”

While that elusive sixth ball still beckons, Conor knows juggling won’t pay the bills long term. “I‘d like to be a scientist, maybe a physicist or a chemist,” he says. “But I’ll always juggle as a hobby and to raise money; I hope to do another juggle for charity soon – this time to help educate people in poor countries, because education is the key to everything.”

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