Spend Tracker and Insights

Technology has made it easier than ever to make a purchase.

And that can sometimes mean we spend a little too much.

That’s why we’re making sure that you always know exactly where you stand financially.

We track and sort your purchases so you can see what you spend making it easier than ever to save. 

And we think you’ll find that a very welcome change. 

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It’s always a time for giving

Every year, hundreds of charities and community organisations across Australia are supported by the CommBank Foundation employee giving program, where every dollar our people donate from their salary, the bank matches.

We’re very proud of this initiative and to celebrate the fact that it’s been going for 100 years, we’re giving 1,000 more grants to charities, local community groups and disadvantaged schools.

Discover the difference our employees have made in your local area. 

That’s a lot of welcome changes.

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Commonwealth Bank Foundation

You’ll talk to CommBank people on the phone.

Our customer call centres are located in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston and Hobart, and have one of the most well trained and diverse workforces in the country.

We hope you think it’s a welcome change.

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At CommBank, our tellers are rewarded for service, not sales, putting our customers before us.

Customer service has always been at the very heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on it.

That’s why we’re rewarding our tellers for service that goes above and beyond. That means more help, more listening.

And we think that’s a welcome change.

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No ATM withdrawal fees no matter who you bank with.

CommBank have 3,400 branded ATMs, the largest bank network in Australia.

And now, our branded ATMs no longer charge ATM withdrawal fees1.

It’s a little thing, but we hope you’ll agree, it’s a welcome change.

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1 Excludes international cards. You may be charged fees by your bank. Credit card advance fees continue to apply.