5 finance apps we're loving right now

In a week where the CommBank App was listed by Apple on iTunes as one of the top 25 (free) apps of all time and was the only banking app to be in the list at #17, we take a look at five great personal finance apps.

There are now a plethora of different apps for smartphones and tablets that can help you manage your personal finances. Here are some of the most useful ones we’ve found.

1. Expensify

This app is a fantastic tool if you’re in small business or if you’re employed and you need to compile an expense report for your employer. Its features include a tool that allows you to take a photo of a receipt and upload it into the system, it also compiles expense reports that you can save and send as PDFs. The system also allows you to add people, so if you’re a business owner, all staff can have their own accounts to help you keep track of expenses across the business. It’s fantastically easy to use and best of all it’s free from iTunes.

2. iCompta

iCompta is a very nifty little tool that lets you reconcile bank account transactions and analyse your expenses – it even lets you transfer funds between different accounts. It syncs with your bank accounts and tracks your income and expenses. What's so neat about it is its ability to make great graphs and charts about your income and expenses and will even produce 12-month forecasts.

3. CommBank Kaching

CommBank Kaching is one of the first tools to allow you to make payments from your iPhone – without having to use a credit card or cash. It also gives you access to all your NetBank accounts and you can use it to pay any of your phone, email or Facebook contacts, as well as make Bpay payments. If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S you can even use it to make contactless payments, as long as you have an iCarte case, which you can access through the app. This is the future of banking and you can get Commbank Kaching through iTunes.

4. CommSec Mobile

A great app to let you trade shares using your smartphone or tablet is CommSec’s mobile app, also available through iTunes for free. It lets you trade shares wherever you are, as well as access live share prices. It will give you access to your equities and margin lending holdings, as well as your cash management balance, on a single screen. Plus, you can get access to video market updates all day, view live market indices and major currency exchange rates and find your five most recent stock searches easily. If you’re an active or just an occasional trader, it’s an incredibly useful tool.

5. MoneySmart Financial

This is an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) app that gives you access to a savings calculator that will tell you how long it will take you to save for a big purchase, as well as a home loan calculator, mortgage calculator and super calculator. It even has functionality to show you what interest-free deals really cost. It’s extremely user-friendly and a very handy way to keep on top of your finances.

What app are you loving right now?