6 ways to go paperless at work

You can save your business time and money while helping the environment by moving your office to a paperless model. Here are some ways to get started.

Apart from clearing clutter in your workspace there are some good economic reasons to use less paper. The website Dynamic Business reported that  last year, an average business makes 19 copies of each document, which then costs around $20 in the time it takes for workers to file each one.  Interestingly, on top of that, businesses lose one out of every 20 documents they make!  That’s a lot of wasted paper, but with a few tweaks you can save your sheets, money and a few trees at the same time.

1. Start a digital document management system

One of the problems with paper is, as we just describe, it can be lost.  Starting a digital document management system will keep your files safe. Basically, this means putting anything that was once on paper in a digital format. One way to do this, is turn a document into a searchable PDF file with an OS X OCR (optical character recognition) program, which is what makes the files able to be indexed. Details on how to do this can be found here.

2. Don’t print remittances

Avoiding printing emails is a no-brainer, but you can also skip  payment slips and invoices. Not only will it save paper, but your employee or freelancer will have less chance of losing it. There are some great apps, such as, Simple Invoices Sales for iPad that you can use to create invoices on your tablet or phone, so that you can take paper completely out of the equation

3. Send customers and clients online

Wherever possible send your clients to interactive online order and registration forms, rather then having them  print out paper documents to engage with your  business. In a large percentage of cases it's faster, easier and more sustainable to do have them completed electronically.  Check out your website and see where you can increase the use of online documentation.

4. Use Cloud Technology

If you have to share  documents with clients, use Cloud data storage and sharing facilities such as Google Docs to avoid having to continually print or email updates. That way the document becomes a living, breathing thing that can be changed before your eyes and shared with the client simultaneously.

5. Switch to email marketing

Spend a little time finding a good software package, and you can personalise emails and make customised newsletters to send to customers instead of doing direct mail. You also lower postage costs and no longer have to deal with sending snail mail to people who may have moved and will never get your ad anyway, says SavePaper.com.au.

6.  Use Near Field Technology

Commbank Kaching is a revolutionary iPhone app that have changed mobile payments forever.Now you can pay your friends using your mobile, email or Facebook contacts. You can even make contactless payments. Find out more about how you can use it. 

Do you work paperless? What got you across the line?