Albert transforms tipping for one of Australia's leading hospitality groups

The Keystone Group has been using Albert to transform customer service, make at-table payments more convenient and increase tips for staff.

With 19 popular venues across the Sydney region, The Keystone Group is one of Australia’s leading hospitality groups. It has a broad range of venues, from high-end restaurants to underground bars, requiring flexible service solutions.

As a business always on the lookout for new ways to improve service at its venues, The Keystone Group decided to trial Albert at two of its well-known restaurants – Kingsleys and The Winery. Although each venue has markedly different service requirements, since Albert has been introduced both venues have noticed a significant improvement in their experience offerings, as well as increased recognition for staff service.

An easier way to split bills

Kingsleys in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, is well-known for excellent service and good food. When The Keystone Group introduced Albert ahead of the peak summer season, staff and customers were quick to embrace features like split the bill which not only give groups of diners a more intuitive way to settle the bill, but also speed up the payments process.

Sinead Murtagh, Restaurant Manager at Kingsleys, says that Albert has had a great response from customers while also enabling staff to enhance their at-table service.

Our entire payments process has been improved since we got Albert. It makes the whole experience quicker and a lot more interactive for customers,” says Sinead. “The split-the-bill function is one of the most popular features. It helps our customers pay as much as they want, however they want. It really has revolutionised our at-table payment service.

Albert has given Sinead and her team the ability to offer customers a richer, more customised and personal experience, that also makes their jobs easier.

Improving tips for staff

For The Winery, a wine bar and restaurant based in Surry Hills, Sydney, the primary aim as a venue is to ensure patrons have a great time. Interactions with service staff – both behind the bar and at table – are the key to this overall experience.

While service has remained a focus, when the mandatory change to PIN at point-of-sale terminals was introduced in late 2014, staff at The Winery experienced a decline in tips.

Customers were no longer prompted to provide a tip and many chose the option to make contactless payments which ruled out tips all together. Tipping became an awkward conversation for staff to have, with many staff preferring to keep quiet rather than raise the topic with customers.

When Luke Rosie, Operations Manager, heard about Albert and its specific tipping function – which extends to contactless card payments – he decided to try it out.

“Albert prompts customers with a tipping screen, reminding them that the level of service we’ve provided might deserve recognition. We’ve noticed an increase in tips with the Albert device in contrast to our old EFTPOS terminals.”

Thanks to Albert, staff at The Winery are now getting the recognition they earn and deserve, while also enabling them to offer customers at-table bill settlement and a better overall payments experience.

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