And the winner is...

Glenys Olsen travelled like a VIP to LA  to the 54th GRAMMY® Awards (courtesy of MasterCard®) after winning our Travel Money Card competition in January. Here she tells us about her brush with fame and music royalty.

How did you win the competition?

When I went into a Commonwealth Bank branch to sign up for the Travel Money Card ahead of a family trip to Phuket, I saw an advertisement to win a trip to LA and the GRAMMY Awards. To be honest I didn't even know what the GRAMMY's were! I just thought how nice it would be to get a free trip to America, so thought I'd give it a go. Then I was called up out of the blue and told that I'd won the competition for myself and a friend to fly to LA for four days and attend the awards, among a host of other bonuses. I couldn’t believe it!

Who did you take along for the ride?

It was a tough choice between my husband, son and daughter. In the end I asked my daughter Rebecca  to come along with me, I thought it would be a nice mum and daughter experience. That put my son's nose a bit out of a joint as he's the true music fan of the family. He almost fell over when I told him I'd won – even more so when I asked him what it was! Although, as part of my prize, I was given an iPod Touch which I gave to him, so he was more than pleased with that!

What did you do while you were there?

It was a  a whirlwind trip, we arrived in LA and checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We made sure to visit all the iconic places you see in the movies, the Hollywood sign, Mann's Chinese Theatre, and we had a private tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a lot of fun to see the hustle and bustle of Hollywood – very different to the peace and quiet of Mount Eliza in Victoria, where I live! On the day of the awards, Bec and I were treated to a professional celebrity styling and makeover session, which included a divine manicure and pedicure, so we felt very glamourous by the time we arrived on the red carpet! I'm sure my son wouldn't have appreciated that part quite as much! Getting our picture taken on the red carpet was definitely a lot of fun.

Did you spot any music celebs?

We had so many sightings, mostly at the Clive Davis Gala, which was the night before the awards. We saw Tony Bennet perform alongside The Kinks, Elvis Costello, Alicia Keys, Jessie J, Ne-Yo and Diana Ross. Then we spotted Kim Kardashian down the front with Alicia Keys, and Joan and Jackie Collins, Tom Hanks and Jon Voight were also right near us. We weren't allowed any cameras inside, which was a shame. I would have loved to have a photo with some of them, though I probably would have been too nervous to ask!

What was the highlight of your trip?

 The whole trip was absolutely amazing, but if I had to choose one moment, it probably would have been the Clive Davis Gala. The GRAMMYs were fantastic, but this event was a smaller, more intimate setting, where you got to see the performers and Hollywood stars up close.

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